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Always Together, Never Apart --Lacie Aliss Booksie Challenge ;)--

Short story By: lolgrl21
Science fiction

I got sci-fi and three characters... hope you likey;)!

Submitted:Jan 13, 2010    Reads: 78    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   


She never thought it would end this way. Being all alone in the dark. She thought that her life would be long and happy.
Guess she thought wrong.

Chapter 1:
Voices swirling around her, faces swirling by. She's so dizzy that she can't think straight. Then her mind focuses. The red sky looms before her as a million screams ripple through the air. Kaitlin wakes up suddenly frightened at the horrible nightmare.
"Just a dream, just a dream," she reassured herself as she got out of bed and wrapped her blue silk robe around her. She walked downstairs and poured herself a glass of orange juice. Kaitlin turned on the mini TV in her kitchen, and flipped through channels.
"Terrorist attack, famine, war," she mumbled to herself, "why is news so depressing?"
Kaitlin wondered where her Evan was. "Probably still sleeping," she concluded as she tiptoed to his bedroom. She knocked on the door.
" Good morning sleepy head," she said as she slowly opened her son's door. "Rise and ahh!" she screamed as her son jumped out behind the door.
"Boo! I scared you Mom!" he said proudly. "Ha-ha, you should have seen your face."
I looked at my son's messy hair with his huge eyes and dinosaur pajamas." Ha-ha," I said sarcastically," now go brush your teeth and get ready, today we're going to the park!"
He ran as fast as his three-year-old legs could carry him.

Finally after getting ready, we were at the park. Evan ran to the slide where he continued to slide down and climb back up. Eventually he stopped, out of breath. He grinned at me, and then ran to a swing set. He sat on a swing, right next to a little girl. He says something to her that I can't here. At first she looks shy, but eventually she looks up and replies. They talk back and forth as they swing back and forth, up and down, feet touching the sky above.

The sky. Omigosh the sky! It was red like no other sky I have seen before. The sky was deeper than any sunset, redder than any blood. I rose from my seat on the bench, running as crying, screaming toddlers swarmed around me.
" Evan!" I cried as I ran to the swings. As I reached the swings, a slow realization came to my mind. My son, my beloved son Evan, was not there. He and the little girl had disappeared. My eyes widened as I searched for him. Suddenly, I found him. There he was, running up a hill with the girl. He looked worried and tried to resist. Suddenly her eyes flashed. Her normal blue eyes turned a different color. They were purple, deeper than all the colors of the sea combined. Suddenly he went limp, and followed her.
"Evan!" I cried as I raced after him. "What was happening?" I screamed to myself," why oh why now?!?!"
I chased after my son and the strange little girl. Suddenly I caught up to them. "Let go of my son!" I growled at the girl. She turned around; her deep eyes brimmed with tears.
"Your planet is coming to an end," she said in a strange voice. "I can bring one person back to my planet to start another human race."
I looked at her, no understanding on my face. Then I realize. We could die together, or Evan could live on.
"Save him!" I exclaimed, "Take him with you! Just make sure nothing happens to him, keep him safe."
I hugged my son one last time whispering in his ear" We're always together..."
He finished my chant," Never alone."
They raced away, as the sky turned dark. Voices echoed around me, and soon, like everyone else, I wasn't alive. I died with a prayer on my lips. "Keep him safe, keep him safe."


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