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Sektor and the Earth

Short story By: Mack
Science fiction

Tags: Space, Alien

A alien named Sekto comes acroos the planet earth, and he studies it... He comes across some of the most weirdes things ever.

Submitted:Jan 12, 2007    Reads: 192    Comments: 5    Likes: 0   

Captain's Log... year: G34... day: 567... Hi, my names Sektor, im 35 years old, and a decorated star pilot. I started this log to keep track of my discoveries on my mission. I was sent on a mission across the galaxy to find new planets to report back to command, so that w could draw up new maps for the new galaxy that we just discovered. It was a very critical mission and I thought it only as my job, but I came across something amazing on my way. Everything was going perfectly to plan, as I drifted across the galaxy, having much luck, already finding 4 planets in the galaxy. They all seemed to be rotating around a large star, so I decided to check out the star itself. As I slowly sped towards the big star, I came across another planet. From what I could see in my cramped starship, it looked lush with vegetation and was covered in, from what my readings told me, a formula known as H20. Curious I went towards it further and further, just to study it. I decided that for the best research results, I would send probe cameras down to the surface to see if there was any life down there. I would leave them there for a while I continued my route to the enlarged star. So I left the droids to their duties.

Captain's Log... year: G34... day: 700... Wow, it's the 700th day of my critical expedition. I was celebrating with extra rations, due to my successful mapping of the galaxy. But, I soon noticed something in the distance. It was the lush green planet from before! I had almost forgot about it! I sped towards the planet as I also sent out my drone's homing beacon. I waited for what seemed like ours when I could see the signal getting stronger. I saw as the drones came back and docked in my storage hull. I extracted the data from them and played the video footage contained on them, onto my video screen. From what was displayed, I saw lush forests! Praise the Lord of Tramzis! This was such a breathtaking site! I took all the beauty in as I saw waterfalls and large sturdy mountains. It was inhabited by the most amazing alien lifeforms you've ever seen! They were flying with without a ship! I could also see small four legged creatures trudging along, eating berries. I was almost entranced by the amazingness of the planet! But, I saw something horrible... I watched helplessly as the forests were chopped down without much thought from a bunch of alien lifeforms. They were using machines and cutting all the vegetation out of the way. I sped forward the tape, and I could see them replacing from what was a beautiful scene, to some from of industrial construction, and they kept on cutting down more of the vegetation! I turned off the tape, as it was too much for me. I extracted the video from my second drone, and directed it onto the screen. I was instantly taken in from another breathtaking scene. There was a small village, in the same kind of environment as the forest, but with different vegetation. It was such a site to see the aliens working together and building structures and working all around the village. I was very happy to see that the aliens were not always so careless. But what I saw next saddened me. It was clear to me that the aliens here were not living the life of luxury. They wore tattered clothes, and they looked very unhealthy, they looked like they were missing needs such as water or food. Their faces were not joyful, but sad! Some of them were even crying! Their structures were also not sturdy and they obviously weren't big. I also had to stop this tape too, I was getting too emotional. I actually had to wipe a tear away.

I had to rest now, I had been up all night watching footage.

Captain's Log... year: G34... day: 701... I got up early, just to finish off the tapes. I was excited, and slightly worried about the next segment of the footage. Nonetheless, I extracted the footage and watched. I was taken in by THE MOST amazing seen so far, I could actually see their civilization! They had a fairly large city, and it seemed somewhat peacefull, despite the hussel and bussel around the town. It was cool to see their transportation and other structures. But, the image was soon ruined. I was looking around the city, when all of a sudden a saw one of their wheeled transports explode while in its stationary position! Then, I could hear noises sounded like a continuous bang, and out of the corner of the screen I could see a man dressed in a mask shooting some form of weaponry at some other men dressed in heavy gear, they must have been the authorities! As the violence raged on, I watched in terror as I saw people die right in front of my eyes. Looks like this place wasn't so peacefull at all. I saw a sign on one of the buildings, I looked at it carefully. It read letters but they were out of my language: I-R-A-Q. At least that's what I think they looked like. I shut off the tape, and closed my eyes. What was happening in that planet? So much... death, and suffering. And to wreck the beauty of the forest was... disgusting! I was on the edge of calling this planet, beautiful or frightening. This was a strange world with so many problems... I can only hope that they can fix them. I shed a few tears before I sped away... We can only hope...


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