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Episode 2: Time's Up

Short story By: MiguelxV
Science fiction

Tags: Zombie

Following the events of Episode 1, me and a surprising group of friends go to save the little girl that was trapped in the car. However, that's when things take a turn for the worst....

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Episode 2: Times Up
"Be careful you idiot!" Elisa shouted out after me as I ran from the roof, through the prison we were holed up in. Passing shops, rooms, training facilities, the medic unit, all the way to the front gate. I stopped once I got outside to catch my breath and Yazmin came up right behind me after chasing me down.
"Where the hell is the fire man?"
"There's this little girl in that old beat up Chevy not too far from here." I said pointing at the truck with the little girl still screaming from inside it.
"Well what can we do then? Don't you see all these things that just want to destroy everything?" the sound of the zombies outside the front gate grew louder as other survivors came outside their rooms to hear what the commotion was about.
"You know damn well you'll never make it back in one piece, or even alive!"
"Well I have to at least try Yazmin. You of all people should know that I cant just leave anybody who's trapped, behind. Besides, she's just a little girl for god's sake!"
The sky slowly started to become dark as we were still outside arguing about what we should do.
"You know what, I'm going to use it. That's the only way."
"Are you crazy? Or just stupid? You don't know if there are any of them down there or not!"
"It's a risk that I have to take since no one else is stupid….or crazy enough to save her." I said as I stormed off passed Yazmin to get my gear from the storage room. She was right though, only someone stupid or crazy enough would risk their life, and everyone else's lives to go down through the sewers to save a little girl. Good thing I was both. After I got my gear from storage, I walked down to the basement with hundreds of eyes looking at me as I passed them. With a deep breath, I took out my gun and flashlight and started walking through the sewers before I heard a voice, Carl, a rookie soldier from Squad 4. Carl wasn't bad with a gun but he was loud, annoying, and clumsy.
"Sup Sarge." Carl said as he caught up to my side and held his machine gun in his hands, smiling.
"Carl, what the hell are you doing? And stop calling me Sarge…..it was only one time that I led your unit." I said as I stopped walking and looked at him.
"Well…..I thought that you would-"
"Need what? Backup? No, I don't need backup. No one else wants to go help me rescue this little girl so I'm going alone. Now go back to what you were doing before."
A low growl was starting to echo throughout the sewers. No one could've known that, that growl was the beginning of the end for the everyone and their haven.
I turned back around and kept walking towards the guard of the sewer doors, told him what I was doing and waited for him to open the doors. I stood there in front of the giant doors, shaking. Was I scared? I haven't felt like this in months since……….I just shook my head and walked through the doors into the sewers and stood quiet. Nothing was heard but the sound of my breath and my footsteps in the water. The smell was horrid but I had to keep going. It seemed like I was walking for the longest time, my eyes started to faze in and out and I stumbled. I held my head in pain and fell onto the ladder and opened my eyes surprisingly.
"Finally, I made it." I said happy to see something else from water and curved walls that blurred my vision.
"Now I just have to-" before I finished, a growl came from somewhere close to me and I held my gun at the ready to shoot. I kept spinning around to make sure that nothing would come up from behind me and eat me. As the growling continued to get louder, I decided to climb up the ladder so it would be easier for me. However, as soon as I grabbed the ladder, I heard footsteps and I turned to a gunshot.
I stood still……scared…..motionless…..what just happened? I searched my body and nothing, no bullet wound. That's when I heard a loud splash next to me, the damn thing tried to sneak up on me. I looked back in front of me where the shot came from and I couldn't see anything.
"Who's there?"
"You're welcome for saving you….idiot." Elisa said as she came out of the darkness of the sewers with Dylan.
"Yea, or you would've gotten eaten." Dylan said as she looked down sad. The thought of someone else getting eaten haunted her so she was always caring of everyone and tried not to lose anyone.
"Hey don't forget about me!" Carl yelled out from behind them as he ran to us.
" Damnit Carl, Shut.Up! Or you'll kill us all with your big mouth." I yelled at Carl. This was the reason why I didn't want anyone to come with me. Too many risks, I don't wana to risk anyone's life. Now I have 4 people I need to bring back safely. After I filled them in on what was going on, one -by-one we all went up the ladder and hid behind a desk. The Chevy was just outside the front doors, it has been through a lot, rust all over the sides, two flat tires, blood stains over some of the rust and the front of the truck was pushed in due to what seemed like a giant collision.
It seemed almost impossible for all of us to get to the truck, get the girl out and come back quietly and safely. From where we were, we had no choice and no time. Time was against us due to the fact that the moon was almost showing. So what we did was completely stupid, at once, we all ran outside with Carl holding the doors open. Whatever came at us, me and Dylan shot in the head with precise precision and as fast as we could as Elisa got the little girl from the truck. We were running out of ammo slowly as the giant mod started to noticed us and run towards us. Elisa ran back inside and I ordered Dylan to follow. 30 Dead in a matter of 2 minutes just by me and Dylan. I slowly started to get back inside while holding off as many of them as I could. Carl had to pull me inside and lock the doors. Smart, but the doors were glass. As I was almost to the ground of the sewers, I heard a scream from above me, Carl was bitten by a crawler. He yelled in pain but was able to stab its head with his lucky knife that he always carried. Carl then put the lid back on and fell to the ground.
I turned to Elisa and Dylan, "Go. Now" and without a word, they both nodded and ran back. I turned back to Carl and helped him up, "Come on Carl, we'll make it out of here. Im not leaving you behind."
"You're going to have to leave me, I already got bitten by a crawler." He said back to me as he was slowly losing consciousness. "You know what happens when someone gets bitten."
"Yea…..but im not losing you Carl." I said back as I started walking back to the base while carrying him. In my head, I already knew he was gone and there was nothing else to do but, I didn't want him to know that…..I didn't want him to lose faith.
"Im sorry….Sarge….." He quickly pulled out his gun, opened his mouth and shot the inside of his mouth. Blood squirted out and some got on my cheek. I couldn't do anything to stop him…….He did it too quick. I put his body down against the wall and took his lucky knife. "Im sorry carl….." I said to his corpse as I clenched my fists………..At that moment, I heard banging and and then a loud thud. I stood up and looked down the hall back to the ladder, and it was at this moment that another crawler appeared from behind me and bit my side.
I cried in pain and shot him in the head. "Damn…..this wasn't part of the plan." I held my side and looked back down the hall to see dozens of zombies already standing a couple hundred feet away from me, patiently waiting for me to move……blood dripping from parts of there rotten body. I stood still and looked back at all of them.
"Time's Up huh….." I softly said to myself


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