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Episode 3 (Part One): Trapped In Salvation

Short story By: MiguelxV
Science fiction

Tags: Zombie

Last time, we left off with Me getting bit and trying to hold off a horde of zombies in the sewers. That didnt go so good, so here's part 1 of Episode 3: Trapped In Salvation

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Episode 3: Trapped In Salvation (Part 1)
The sound of the door to the bedroom was loud as it opened slowly. I couldnt think of a way to get rid of the body fast enough so i just threw a blanket over the corpse of my dead girlfriend. Sabrina, my 5 year old daughter, came out from the bedroom rubbing her eyes. As Sabrina kept walking towards the living room where i was, i kept thinking of what to tell her if she asked about it.
Yawning and still rubbing her eyes sleepily, she had asked me what the loud noise was. I couldnt freak out my innocent little daughter so i told her that it was the storm and a wolf was in the woods behind the house.
"Oh....Ok daddy. I'm going back to bed now ok?" She told me as she walked back into her room. I smiled in relief and told her that i would be there to say goodnight again in a few minutes and she nodded and closed the door.
I look back at the body, "Great, now i have to deal with you." I started to drag her out the back door through the kitchen and into the woods. I got a few hundred yards out before i called it quits and went back inside.
As i locked the back door of the house, i heard the door open again but when i turned around i saw 3 zombies in the doorway and another 2 go into Sabrina's room. I start to hear Sabrina yell in terror but it was too late......the 2 zombies started to eat her away while the other 3 lunged at me.
I wake up in another cold sweat like last time but im screaming. As im screaming, i start to hold my side in pain then lay back down.
"Dylan! He's awake!"
"Miguel! Chad, bring the doctor. Hurry!" Dylan holds my hand and tries to reassure me that everything will be ok before chad and the doctor come into the room. More doctors come in and tell dylan and chad that they have to leave the room so they can sedate me and control me so i dont start bleeding out. But just as Dylan and Chad leave, i pass out again.
They go back to their room and Dylan sits on the bed thinking while chad thinks that she's sad about the whole thing. Dylan then starts writing everything she remembers about the prison that makes it so safe, and what i had said before i passed out. She found a secret passage that leads away from the Zombs but it can only fit 5 at a time. Chad realizes what she plans to do but dylan is already determined to find another safe zone for everyone.....and to find a cure.


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