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A man's unexpected journey of an unexpected departure from this world.

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~~ Outside the frosted window blinked the luminous amber lights, floating in the night sky. My concern was strange and illogical, since distant lights in an urban city were as common as grass in one of rural design. Yet, my mystical disposition felt justified, my body aching for action.

Dressing suitably for a winter's night, I pattered down the stairs. I crossed the proceeding rooms, exiting my house and entering the back garden. My consternation of the night's aberration strengthened. The air was thick and heavy, and felt contrived. The amber lights that I had observed from my window seemed to have tripled in size and vibrancy. The perpetual darkness was palpable.

Despite the amalgam of my looming thoughts, perhaps the most strange was that the experience felt calm and tranquil.

I cannot recall the events that followed, that is until I awoke in an unrecognisable room. This room resembled that of my own, physically at least. However my mind was not deceived. The intensity of light was overwhelming, my eyes took several minutes to adjust; even then my vision blurry. I lay on my bed in a tensely fixed soldiers pose. I recall my blood resembling that of steel, disabling me of movement.

After much contemplation and theories as to where I was, I decided upon one being most likely. I was on an alien aircraft that had been morphed into an illusion of my sleeping quarters. Why was unknown, although I expect you, as I did, could determine numerous possibilities.

Moments after, my hypothesis was verified when two creatures not of this world entered the room. The aliens were similar in appearance to me or you, however melancholy lay on their wrinkled faces, as if they had experienced first-hand all the horrors of our world - and theirs.

As I saw them gather either side of 'my' bed, carrying out their procedure without regard or even acknowledgement of my presence, I let out a muffled and insignificant utterance. I had anticipated it to be a scream, discovering - to my terror, that my mouth was sealed shut by an unknown source. As I had attempted to scream, my lips parted slightly, but were immediately pulled shut by what I could only observe as thousands of microorganisms, moving in unison to prevent my mouth from creating sound.

It was then that one of the aliens; whom had set up strange metallic equipment (not dissimilar to that of a surgeon) onto my bedside table, first turned to face me, its eyes staring into my soul. It did not speak, but placed its tanned bony finger onto my dry lips. As it touched me, I felt a surge of opium electrify inside me, and I felt amenable to its every command.

I watched, paralysed, as one grasped hold of one of the metallic utilities of which resembled that of a scalpel. It bent down slightly and placed the blade onto my throat. Before cutting, the naked, withered alien gave me a reassuring glare, which signified that of a nurturing mother, don't worry child, everything will be alright. Somehow I believed it, perhaps I was easily susceptible to deceit, or perhaps it was the opiate feeling I felt that continued to tingle inside me.

Then it sliced. One fine vertical cut of about two inches down my neck. The pain was subtle, but certainly present. Cold droplets of my crimson blood tricked down my skin.

The other ET, who until this moment I had completely forgotten about, moved toward me, with a strange leaf of which I could not identify held in its hand. After dabbing my exposed blood with the leaf, it implanted the plant remain into my neck. The other sealed the wound.

Both the aliens sat beside me now, and looked up to the ceiling, but somehow looking past the ceiling. They appeared in prayer. After some time had passed, no longer than ten minutes, I felt my blood liquefy, my body becoming activated by a new found energy. I reached for my mouth, which was loose and no longer infested by the microorganisms that bound it. Extricated, I sat up. I did not run. I did not scream. I did not feel fear.

The aliens turned to face me, and then faced the blank wall that stood in front of me. I understood this was a request, and followed suit. Visual images began projecting onto this wall. Pictures which first were unclear to me, soon took meaning. They depicted images from our world, of horrors and torment that we, mankind, had created. Man-made disasters, wars, mass murder. I vividly recall seeing the barbaric image of mutilated corpses, row upon row buried in a hollow grave. The projections finished with a World War II photograph of Romani children in Auschwitz, dismembered limbs, naught but skin and bone.

When it ended, I could feel the icy cold touch of one ET as it placed a hand on my neck, which pulsated from where the leaf was inserted. I was inclined to close my eyes.

When they opened once more, I was once again found staring out of my frosted window, at those amber lights that had begun my adventure. The life that I had lived now seemed inconsequential, and a powerful urge to change that spread across me like a pleasant plague.

In the coming years, I would become a true steward to this world, fulfilling every desire I had to make it better. I had such a predilection to help, in a truly altruistic fashion, that I did not realise the insidious effect it was having on my health. I had caught many different diseases from my travels to less fortunate places of the world than my own, and I could tolerate them no more. After thirty five years of service to the world; that I now held dear to my heart, my heart imploded.

My last memories are ones I still hold dear to this day. I lay in my bed, yearning to close my eyes and go to sleep forever, when the melancholic aliens entered my room and stood beside me. Except this time, melancholy was not held by their facial expressions. Instead, a burst of positive emotions presented themselves. Happiness, joy, gratitude, wisdom. The most dominant emotion that could be seen from light years away; as they smiled earnestly into my dying self, was hope. The hope that empowers all that is good in the world, that allows all those who ever feel pain to rise up from beneath it and feel pleasure once more. As my eyelids dropped, I fell into a deep peaceful slumber, a smile etched on my face.


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