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The Transplant (The Wildone's Topic Challenge)

Short story By: mommy3
Science fiction

This is a story of a young woman from the future who has a tragic event happen in her life. Once this event happens her life will never be the same.

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In the year 2050 doctors are able to transplant brains into different human bodies. They only do this procedure if the person's body is no longer function- able. This is a very new procedure and some minor things can happen.

Mean while Kelly is getting ready for her work. She has to put on conservative clothes for her job. The boss only wants the women wearing conservative clothing. The reason is there have been so many sexual harassment cases in their company.

Kelly is in her mid thirties with mid length brown hair. Her body is an hourglass figure she has been trying to lose weight forever. She is wearing a white blouse with black dress pants not allowed to wear anything revealing. No high heels, flat heels, or tennis shoes.

Most jobs that are physical labor are done by the robots. She hopes no one realizes it is her birthday today. The last time someone found out it was her birthday they threw her a surprise party at her job.

She hasn't had a relationship in a long time she tends to be a work alcoholic. She loves her job and doesn't think she needs any relationships right now. Her last relationship was about five years ago and it ended badly.

She remembers it and will never forget what happened to her. She just got home from work and saw her boyfriend making out with another woman. She was surprised and shocked at the same time. Once this was seen she screamed for him to leave and take all his stuff.

To think I wanted to marry him. She thought. Well I guess it was good that I saw this before we did get married. Ever since that incident she has lost trust in men and refuses to have anything to do with them. She diligently works hard every day to try to forget what happened.

While she was reminiscing about her ex she thought of her childhood best friend Richard. She hasn't seen him in forever and was wondering what he was doing. She felt bad not keeping in touch with him.

Kelly was just about to leave her apartment when her cell phone rang. She picked up the phone and heard a familiar voice. Guess who was on the phone. It was Richard and he wanted to talk to her about why she wasn't friends with him anymore.

"Hey, Kelly, why haven't you talked to me in awhile? Did I do something to wrong?" Richard asked.

"No you didn't do anything wrong it's kind of complicated."

"What do you mean? I heard from other people you didn't get married. What happened?"

"Well I found out he was cheating on me and I called off the wedding."

"What a douche bag! how could he do that to you? You are such a nice person."

"Yeah I know. I am just thankful I found out before I married him. I miss talking to you. How are you doing?"

"I am doing good. I miss talking to you too. Want to come visit me some time and reminisce about our childhood memories."

"Sure that would be fine. I am sorry for not talking to you in such a long time. I lost trust in men."

"It's okay. I understand but I am a little hurt that I fit into the untrustworthy category of men. See you soon."

"Alright I will see you later too. I gotta go to get to work. Bye."

She felt guilty of treating Richard like that. I mean they used to be best friends and would tell each other everything. She wished things were different.

She was rushing down the stairs since the phone delayed her. Oh I hope I am not going to be late. She thought. She was never late and this would put a damper on her attendance. She wouldn't get the bonus if she went in late.

While she went into her car she wished she didn't feel so lonely. She really wanted some man for companionship and to be married eventually. She thought of a plan on how she could get married without being hurt. She was going to ask Richard if he wanted to marry her.

Her phone rung distracting her thoughts and she picked it up and realized it was her ex. What the hell did he want? Couldn't he just leave me alone? She thought. She heard his voice and hung up instantly not wanting to talk to him.

She was crying and was unaware of an accident that was in front of her. Did I forget to mention. The cars didn't drive on the ground they drove in the sky. There were lights to follow the rules of driving but it was a little different.

The lights were floating in the air and so were the signs. The sky was clear except when the weather changed like a thunderstorm or snowstorm. Also when it became nighttime the lights glowed a neon color.

There was a serious pile up accident and she didn't realize this until it was too late. She tried breaking and turning her car to avoid the accident but that didn't work. She ended up crashing into the cars and hit her head hard on the steering wheel. She was unconscious from the hit and was bleeding in the back of her head.

During this accident her best friend Richard was also involved in the accident as well. Unfortunately he did not survive since his brain hemorrhaged from the impact of the other cars. There were others that didn't survive either. The only two that were in critical condition was Kelly and a young women.

All of the victims from the pile up were immediately rushed to the hospital. The doctors were able to save Richards body even though his brain was dead. Kelly's body was barely alive and they decided to give her a brain transplant. This was a new procedure and there could be some mistakes that could happen. For example the brain that is transferred into a different body could not agree and end up having the brain to shut down.

There were only two bodies available for the procedure to help save Kelly. One was from the young women and Richard. By some weird coincidence the doctor's were able to keep Kelly's body from dying just yet till the procedure was done. They decided to keep Richard's body since it was in such good shape and very healthy. The doctors have a machine to keep the human's body alive even when there is no brain in the body.

Kelly's body was slowly dying and the doctors had to work fast to get the operation done in time. She had minutes before her brain and body would be dead.

The doctors immediately found another body for Kelly so she would stay alive. Unfortunately from all the rushing someone made a grave mistake. Someone accidentally switched charts and the doctor did the wrong procedure on Kelly.

The chart said to get another man's brain and transfer it to Richard's body. The doctor did not realize the charts were switched and performed the operation. So what happened was Kelly's brain was accidentally transferred to Richard's body. The doctors were able to save Kelly and were glad it was successful.

The next day Kelly slowly woke up and realized something was wrong. She felt more muscular and strong. What the hell is going on here? She thought.

She got up from the hospital bed to go to the bathroom as she walking she noticed that this body was not her's. She screamed loudly and got the attention of all the staff. The nurses rushed in to see what the matter was.

"What the hell is going on? Why am I in a man's body?" Kelly said.

"You were in accident and we had to transfer bodies since yours was not working. We transferred bodies and everything looks fine." The nurses said.

"No, everything is not fine. You made a mistake my name is Kelly and I should be in a female body not a man's."

Oh this is so not good. The nurses thought. They immediately called the doctor to let him know there was a serious problem.

The doctor came in and was shocked to hear what the nurses told him. How did this happen? The doctor thought. I am going to have to fix this problem otherwise I can get sued and lose my job.

Months later Kelly was still in Richard's body and was really upset by the whole thing. Everyone decided she shouldn't leave considering the situation. Kelly agreed.

The biggest problem they were having was finding a female's body to transfer her brain. This was becoming a serious issue. They were afraid Kelly would have to live the life of a male and have to get used to it.

Kelly was not happy and complained the whole time. I mean wouldn't you. Can you imagine being in your best guy friends body with a female brain. This just sucked all together. She really hoped she would be able to be a woman.

About a year had gone by and the doctors were finally able to find a female body to transfer Kelly's brain. She was excited and couldn't wait but was also sad since she never got to say goodbye to her best friend Richard.

The doctors prepared her for the procedure and asked her if this what she really wanted. At first she was hesitant since she knew she would miss Richard but knew she needed a female body. She needed to let him go. So she said yes.

Kelly was getting ready for the procedure when she walked by the mirror and looked one more time at Richards's body. She told the body goodbye and that she would always love him. Weird I am talking to a body. God I am messed up. She thought.

The doctors did the procedure correctly this time and everything went well. Kelly was able to be a woman again and was happy. She did tell the hospital and staff that they needed to be more careful with this procedure. All of them agreed and wished her a happy life.


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