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Short story By: mongoe charles
Science fiction

Tags: Life, And, Hope

this is a dream teller,its about life and trust and searching for one common solution

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The dream to save the city but the researcher must be killed.

Short story by mongoe charles

We all know dream or even have one in life but dream differ ,some are so real and some is like you are on it a real life, other left you seat and other you can truly enjoy to dream as much as you can. it a relief and disappointment when one wake up finding out it was only a dream.

It happens to me one day, as a working at hospital seeing people laying there, busy as we know how busy is the world, busy like the world is going down, but truly it look like just like that, as everyone is doing some and we both busy, work at home and even on the street…but my work are a busy one so every day I get home being so tired and I need to wake up get back again.

I recalled it was on Friday usual after coming back from work get shower myself, eat and want straight top bed ,no time for television till in the morning or at work, because I like to watch new and read a lot. That night I had a dream, I still recalled the year on my dream this take time on 2020,

According to this dream I was 25 years old a scientist. During that time, science was a common career on every post; all nation post from office and outside it was the use of technology, even on police station. so I was chosen to save on the department of government to save the city of cape town on the decease that was taking place, I was to join the team of researchers to find the cure for this decease. Because of my skill and know of technology that had led on the job, that make me received a call that wants me to go to Cape Town right away

Our aim was to stop the spread of this virus that was dominating the city very fast, this disease was like AIDS, it involved the blood via, there were a team of people infected by this who try to spread and infect other but not many where aware of this. So we needed to find those people to cure them and stop them from spreading this virus around the city

Before taken this post, I was surrounded by too many challenges, I have to study a lot and have a full knowledge, finding out more about this virus, my challenge was that I have to get more knowledge on how will it take this to be seen on a person's body, how many stages it passes to be notice by people around and how first person can know that now I am infected by this virus.

I needed to know the symtoses of it, but I was not alone, as we were called as a group to work together. Someone was doing the same as what I was doing, the difference about him is that he was infected and I get this on his wed through my search on the net. Like the fact that he use his body as an experiment to find the cure and knowledge to heal or deal with this and through his process he uses his image to see the changes on his body that was a good idea to see from a distance in a person

My day arrive, I want to airport, take a kraft, fly to cape, many of many had already start and other where working there long time, and other did not notice is that many there were infected by this virus but working there to find the cure and others did not know but the small group know and they were the one that infect other people and spread this virus while working the in the centre of the government health centre. It was not easy to make those people aware but this where one challenge I must take to save my colleagues first, first I need to make them aware about the problem, no one knows the virus on its first, second stages in a human body and how long it takes to function on the human body and because of this it give too many chance in a person to get it or spread it without knowing it

All I know is the fact that this virus have a weakness that was hobbies on a person, person who is infect by this virus fear to be around people who are smoking, and also they don't like to play atlantics and soccer as the sport but enjoy on to watch it from others. Mostly on television, they also like a mass or crow of people to entertain. This is what I was to ensure them to let them see and examine themselves before my schedule start on office I met with every member on the organization

I take a group of people on that organization out to exercised, play soccer and run around the ground .i appointed one to mentor everyone's behavior, I take them to a train and walk coach by coach, other coach was a smoking area. At the end I find out which state each member is it was lucky because on my research I have to start with my colleague through them to find cure and a solution was easy to get.

But you know when one try to do good other want to fight it and the group that spread this virus was also on our team and they were after me to make me join them didn't like to smoke but I was doing a home work about this. Now this is how the war started, we have identified those people who were infected by this decese.i did ask them of the status before and all answer that they are not infected. So we take one by one to a cancelling interview, just to let them know that this is alive on some of our colleagues

Some did not come on this section but when we check most of them were the one who know their status, others did come and for those who did come only few were infected. As they say to bet your enemy you must know yourself and your enemy too. So I keep our enemy in the team of so keep our enemy in the team of researchers was a risk that we must take. We were aware that they will use our plan against us so we did make a way that not all plan will be open for all and to win this war we must first win at home, I want in so many trouble, satup and many attempted murder the one I will never forget was when they come in my room later night lucky

I first see them, they plan was to catch me and kill me or infect me others were with knife, I was boarding on a hotel on the heart of cape. They were a window face a passage and distance away on this passage they were a open space for smoking and all bad people uses to met and even me I did not trust them believe they met there to organized crime and rape woman

Put that night, when they knock the door down I jump by the window and they did shout for others to chance me, I run straight to that open space and I just find myself surrounded by those people they step before me "what is happening here" ask the group I am in the mist with them and other were smoking, thou I am a none smoke that day I find myself being the boss

Those who were chasing me the fear smoke thou they move back and run away and my life was safe that were. I spend a night with these people and telling them my story ,why those man chase me, why do they want to kill me, at the end I ask them to come with me to the organization and see how they can be of a great use to the city, because now the city depends on them. On the first day, those who were infected moved without being chase by a person from the organization and our plan was near to the final. Our team did not find the cure but we find something to keep this virus inactive in a human body, it was exercise and smoke

For the whole community we did warm them about the people and give them a way to savvied with the virus our best option was to exercise not to smoke. Smoking have other sit infect on other people's health, it cause cancer and others a societies, decease .Our team did so many awareness and people enjoy and the nation was safe they were hope again my job was done.

I want back home thou I did not find the cure but the city were now safe and there was a hope to all people. Final I get awake in this dream

I was sweat and scary, sad and afraid and final I smile that I was above to save the world

The city depends on me


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