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This is How the World Ends

Short story By: NatelinJean
Science fiction

I cannot forget that voice. I've told so many people, but the thought won't leave me alone. I remember every detail. That voice was so calm and serious. I was so afraid.

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'The night was seemingly quite at the time. We had eaten our overcooked breakfast foods with a certain amount of obligation to the evening. The conversation was no more stimulating than normal, and we basked in all of the atmosphere that the underrated Denny's, in my new adopted home town of about thirty thousand, had to offer. Those few people that ate in the booths beside us chatted happily. This restaurant of American food homage happened to be just outside of the city itself, and for that reason it remained calm in the later hours. Still the lack of business made my nerves tingle for some unknown reason, and I slipped my hand in between the fingers of my husband. He squeezed in reassurance though he did not stop regarding his mother to tell me so. Those anxieties buried themselves deep into my mind and disappeared.

We took our leave of the Denny's satisfied. I waved goodbye to my in-laws while still in the warmth of the entry way. I had always been found of them, but tonight I was spent. My love opened the front door and let in the cold. He had also let in the noise. Curiously the four of us wondered into the parking lot, forgetful of our intent to leave. The night was alive. Sirens of all kinds buzzed from the city which had been enveloped in simultaneous flashing lights of red and blue. Cars were lined about the road ways blocking all traffic for miles around. Search lights panned the night sky which gave it a hazy look.

I tried to remember the breathing exercises I had been taught. I tried to count to ten as my eyes observed the chaos with a nervous confusion. My husband wondered to the hilly median that sat beside the turn in. His shoes sank softly into the grass that was in such desperate need of a weekly trimming. I watched him turn his eyes to the sky in childlike wonder. He was a tall slender silhouette against the artificial light that radiated from the world around.

My hands fumbled for the suddenly relevant phone in my pocket. I tried my father's number first; then my mother's. Each called ended in a rejected offer of a voicemail. A fleeting fear for their safety passed into my mind, but I knew how to handle over reactions. I told myself of the foolishness of such a claim, and like fate had plans my phone vibrated.

The phone claimed it to be my mother, but I knew the number to be my sister's. Technology is a very fickle thing sometimes. I answered her with the average hello.

"I think we can see you on television." She exclaimed. I could her people laughing behind her as her new baby cooed in pleasure. My father's voice boomed undecipherable in the background.

"What?" I said only half listening.

"Oh yes that's definitely you! Man people are really making a fuss over this meteor shower."

"Yeah, I remember dad saying something about that now." I was honestly relieved. My chest sank gently back and forth. I let a smile grace my lips as I too looked into the sky.

From the horizon I watched it appear. First one and then two raced across the black of evening. They twisted together in playful delight. Distant cheering could be heard as the flaming things danced like angels on the eternal dim of hell. They were unlike anything I had ever seen. As space rocks go they were larger then I had expected, and they did not burn with the laws of physics. They encircled each other flawlessly creating a pulsing effect of dull orange light. They seemed liquid, like magma cooling under the first wind, or like embers flickering with an untamed beauty. I was hypnotized by my splendor. My fingers ceased to hold, and my phone was sent crashing to the pavement.

Out of the middle of the horizon appeared a third. It was much like the first two; flying the same direction, wanting to catch up to the fun. Then from on high a fourth appeared. It filled half of the sky at one time with nothing but a white yellow gleam. It was comparable to the moon if the moon had come crashing to the earth. I barely had time to gasp.

The third meteor slammed into the fourth. This was followed by a flash of light as blinding as ten million suns. The world collapsed beneath my feet reminding e of a game I used to play as a child. The trees and Denny's that had been my shelter turned to dust with a heartless blast of hot air. Rocks floated around my body in a place where gravity ceased to exist. The falling was eternal into the burning center of the earth which spun wildly far beneath. Then as clear as day I heard a voice. Its tone was calm and forewarning.

"This is how the world will end."

Then I woke up.'

I turned on the couch to look at my therapist. He sat emotionless writing the details of what I had described to him. He must have had some secret decoding of it all, which was no doubt tied in with the flaws in my personality. I waited until the silence became too much for me to bear.

"What do you think doctor?" I asked.

"Probably just something you watched." He said.


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