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A Day With The Timelord

By: Nathalie Clyne

Page 1, This is my first piece of writing that I have ever published online.Of course,I will have mistakes.The cause of those mistakes is because I only have like 30 minutes to write before I go out with a group of friends(I just have nothing else to do and I have my agenda busy this whole week).I don\'t expect this to be awesome but atleast something to entertain those who are bored and enjoy a little sci-fi in life.This is based on a dream I had the other day about a show called Doctor Who and it\'s with the 11th Doctor(Actor David Tennant).Well...enjoy..I guess xD....



                                                               I woke up this morning just in time to hear my next door neighbors yell and whatnot.This is usually the typical thing that wakes me up each day.You see,I'm just a girl with a boring life and only feeds ducks in the nearest pond as a living.It's highly unlikely to have a day where I can just be normal and work at a fun job like many people I know do.My name is Nathalie Clyne...or you could just call me ''that girl who does nothing for her own satisfication.''It was time for me to get up,get ready,and mark another tallie on the chart on my wall for another boring day of my life.People call me a loner,which  I don't mind because I know it's true.I don't have any friends(unless you call a pet fish named Fido a friend...he's a fish..they don't do much).I walked down stairs to make a PP&J for breakfast and talk to Fido.Suddenly,I heard an awkward noise coming from my front yard.I rushed to the window to only have the time to see a telephone blue box with a tall thin man walk out of it.I couldn't believe my eyes...''Is he a martian?'' I thought to myself.It's July 1rst 2013 and a man is in my front yard with this telephone box...I think that's the only thing awesome that has ever happened to me in my whole life.I am an only child and my parents died in a car accident when I was 3..since then I was put in an adoption center while no one adopted me until I was old enough to butt out.Anyways,back to the strange subject..the tall man looked rather handsome close up as I opened the door.I fancied him for a moment.The only thing I was able to blurt out of my mouth was ,''Sir,are you a martian ?'' ...there was an awkward silence and he just came in saying soo many words that sounded jibberish to me.Was he a mad man in a box?The first thing he asked me was what year it was ..and that was rather strange to me.Then,a while later after he sits on my couch and eats the rest of my PP&J i had left,he answers my starter question.He says,''No,I am not a martian.I am a timelord and you can call me Doctor.'' ''Doctor who?'' I inquired.''Enough of the silly questions and tell me what is this?''He pointed at the PP&J.I said,''Errmmm,Doctor,that's called peanut butter with jelly between bread...'' ''Ohhh,of course,how could I have not remember that?'' ''huh?''I asked.'' there been any trouble lately in this neighborhood?''I said,''No,not reallyy...what are you doing here and where did you come from?'' (I lied,EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD).He replied,''I come from many points in time saving many species and I am here to do the same.Now,whoever you are,tell me,Is there truly nothing wrong in this neighborhood?''I said,''My name is Nathalie Clyne and no..there isn't anythin wrong in this neighborhood.'' ''Have you ever noticed the ducks lately near the pond?'' He pointed towards the window and to my astonishment ,I saw a full army of ducks just stand in the streets and in my front yard facing directly at my house.''Are you sure about that?''he asked.I looked at him with fear in my eyes.''WHAT ARE THEY!?!''I yelled.***TO BE CONTINUED***

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