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Bob the Angel of Death?part 2

Short story By: NoS482
Science fiction

Second part to the story

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Bob the Angel of Death?

Bob2 let Bob know that he was hiding in a fall out shelter miles below the surface with no way to get down to him. There were camera's pointing at them following them as they moved. The Bobs decided to toy with him as he watched. Bob grabbed a piece of card board out of the garbage can and wrote little pig, little, let me in! They knew the cameras didn't have sound pickups; Bob held the sign up and pointed to it with a smile.

Both Bobs got tired of waiting for a reply, so they pointed to the ground and said, "Die down there you pigs". The ground began to smoke and then everyone in the bunker died. "We're done Bob2 we did it with a month to spare", said Bob. "The balance of good and evil faltered for the moment with a 60/40 mix now Bob", Bob2 explained.

They headed back to the mother ship with their report of the news. The high command ordered the leader of the ship to have the Bobs turn over their weapons. "Bob2 I never asked how these weapons came to be, and how do you solve your problems without killing", asked Bob

"Bob there are only two in existence that have amount of power; people tried to duplicate the medallions and died when they tried to copy them. A great spiritual leader got tired of all the wars on our planet thousands of years ago so he invented one medallion that acted alive that gave birth to the second one that you wear. It was said that the leader gave an alternative to the warring people.

All the groups decided to have votes on everything instead of wars, majority rules, that's how the high command was formed", explained Bob2 as they headed back to the ship and into Lake Michigan they headed. When they made it to the ship their families had a surprise party waiting for them. They both arrived and hugged their families and celebrated with a large meal with everyone on the ship attending.

After the celebration the leader of the ship asked for the medallion with hesitation. "High command wants them back because you don't need them anymore, so please hand them over", asked the leader of the ship asked? Bob and Bob2 tried to take the medallions off but they didn't want to let go. They pulled and pulled but they had no luck getting them off their chests.

The leader looked in disbelief and said, "The ancient weapons know something that you don't about high command. The high command controlling majority changed before Bob was contacted. 55% of the party wants to take over planets instead of coexisting with them they want to rule over them.

They needed to use you Bobs to do their dirty work, balancing the good and evil in their favor, to control others easier. I was ordered not to tell you until the task was done they had no plan on killing all humans. They want to rule over them, and make them slaves. They didn't count on the ancient weapons finding out through the use of the spirit world.

You two are the only ones to stop this from happening tomorrow the controlling high command will land on top of Lake Michigan. The ship will cover half the lake filled with the invasion party. When they land is the best time to use your weapons on the new oppressors", said the leader of the ship.

The next day came and it was time for the ship to land without knowing a thing about the Bobs. The huge ship landed slowly on the lake, while people lined up along the shoreline and hillside to take pictures. Lines of people, including military line up along the shores around the lake.

Bob and Bob2 dressed up in beach ware and made it to the pier head to blend in with the crowd of people lined up to see what was going on. The high command and group of followers that wanted to enslave humans proudly marched out on top of their ship to the beach front. The main leader walked up to the military leaders waiting with loud speakers.

The leader asks for a loud speaker slowly grabs it from one of the people. "We are here to take control of your planet; all of you had your chance long enough, killing your own and the earth as well. We claim the earth now and all the human race will answer to me and my group", said the main leader.

Both Bobs slowly edged their way through the massed crowds of people on the beach. They finally made their way to where the leader was in speaking distance. Bob and Bob2 realized that the group behind him needed to hear them also, so Bob2 grabs a loud speaker from a police officer standing by them.

"Attention my friend has something to say to you, honorable leader of the invasion force", Bob2 said with his fake mouth on that made him look human. "You have no right to speak Bob, you and Bob2 gave up your weapons. You both don't have any power now, so be quiet", said the leader hatefully after recognizing them.

This leader acted like a true dictator would from earth, demanding anything he wanted. "I want to tell you something, we didn't turn over our weapons in because they didn't let us. They seen the future and what you wanted to do", explained Bob. "My turn to speak to the leader Bob, now die, die all of the oppressors die", said Bob2 with great regret.

The invasion force instantly fell to their death with blood spraying from their ears, only leaving a small amount of crew on the ship that was good. The balance of the high command went to 50/50 just then, and now it was time for two to police the balance of both worlds. Good and evil still thrived but in balance. The End or Just the beginning?
By NoS482 copyright 2007.


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