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My Cat's from a different World

Short story By: NoS482
Science fiction

In the future much of the past history is lost in wars. A few people are sent back in shrunken pets that are copies of the real ones. There job is to record history of historical figures without them knowing.

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My Cat is from a different World

It's the year 2207 things dreamed of 200 years ago are common everyday things. Teleportation is as easy as a touch of a button from a cell phone sized units. Time travel has been know of for a hundred years and is illegal to do. It was decided that only a few government people only had the knowledge for time travel.

This way was chose so no one person could change the past. There is no such thing as UFO's anymore because for about 100 years we've met the aliens from over 70 planets in other solar systems. We made a combined peaceful planets treaty to all who care about peaceful solutions.

There's no such thing as overpopulation because other planets welcome us with open arms. When you look at the moon it's one big city. After the last world war people decided to populate the world and the moon. This solved the war problem, because when it came down to it people would get cramped up. Then wanting to take over other land, thus a war would start. The moon solved the problem with many of the settlements started after the world war. People wanted to have big families.

The other planets helped us with the building of large cities and the transportation of water, and air generators. There knowledge was given to us freely after we stopped wars all together. Now there no problem other than knowing earth's past.

People only know what they read in books of past history and many question the accuracy of the historical books. Many of the books and records were lost in the World War of 2100, where many things burned up. Many people and animals died because it was so devastating.

The only way people got history information was from the space probe recovered by nearby combined planets. There were 20 forefathers of peace in the 1990's-2010 that wrote articles that touched their hearts. This caused combined peaceful planets to embrace the planet earth as a friend after the last war.

The combined peaceful planets historical society was tired of noticing the historical information was just general knowledge about the forefathers of peace. The only records they had were where they lived, how much taxes they would pay. Their driver's license also told of local records, and even the adoption of pets at the local humane society. The forefathers of peace were all pet lovers of dogs or cats or both.

Nothing told of how they were inspired to write what they did and how they lived, and the environment they lived in. The C.P.H.S. knew only of when they made their copyrights. The C.P.H.S. decided to send highly trained people back to the time and record the forefathers of peace in their homes without them knowing. That would most likely be where they were inspired in their homes, of those times. But the people can't be noticed, so they decided one thing in common was they were pet owners. Either cats or dogs were adopted from their local humane society in the United States.

Some were diplomats visiting decided to surprise their children with a pet. The others were local people getting pets to bring home. The C.P.H.S. decided to switch the pets that were adopted with a robot pet with the people shrunk inside them.

The eyes are the video and guidance system, the ears for the sound pickup. The kitchen area is the stomach area, and the ventilation area and living area is the lung area. The restroom and showers were in the back of the animal of course. Two people were chose for each animal.
Only the most reliable people could be chose because they couldn't change the past or the future could be ruined causing a paradox. Two of the chosen people were a highly decorated husband and wife team. Bill and Jane Carter were chose to go back in an 8 toed tiger cat that was adopted in Michigan. One of the forefather's family members adopted the strange cat because of the 8 toes.

Back in time they went with Jack the robot to the beginning of the year 2007 in a flash they replaced the real cat. The real cat was sent into the future into a holding room where all viruses were killed so it wouldn't infect anyone. Bill and Jane found themselves in a cage inside Jack the robot looking out at the other animals.

"Jane the animal corresponding unit is working. Most of them are saying that they're wanting a home let us out," Bill explained. "I hope we get adopted soon this is driving me crazy waiting, I'm not use to animals," remarked Jane. Hours went by and then it was adoption time, a mother and daughter brought some donated cat food to the attendant. The girl walked slowly around looking at the cats. She stops and looks at the robot cat named Jack.

"Look at this one it has like thumbs on it, the poor thing is so quite. Can we have this one it doesn't have much of a chance unless we adopt him," Kayla said to her mother? "Okay that's fine I feel sorry for him too. We'll take this one," Kayla's mom Pam Smith said. "Oh God bless you, his brother was adopted 3 months ago, and his time was almost up if he wasn't adopted," explained the attendant.

"Here we go Bill I thought the forefather of peace was a man? Well I guess we'll see won't we," said Jane. "I can't wait to see everything that happens, we have a full year before we go back," commented Bill. The animal shelter was located in a small town on the shores of Lake Michigan. As they headed out of town, Bill and Jane recorded al the technology of the time.

The cars, the buildings the traffic lights, and how they all operated the equipment. In the future either you fly or you teleport. When they fly they control the equipment with mind link hook-ups. This was a treat for Bill and Jane to see so many homes as they drove by had pet. In the future cats and dogs are scarcer after the wars many people lost their pets.

Cats and dogs, everywhere in the yards, or looking out windows. Jack the tiger cat sat on Kayla's lap as they went down the road, not moving but just observing. They pulled into the driveway of a small but cozy 3 bedroom home in a small subdivision 3miles out of town. There was a teenaged boy waiting at the door for them. He opens the door for them with a smile on his face, happy to see a new cat to love.

"Hey where's the new cat mom I hope it's another tiger cat," said Andy the teenaged boy. "Wait until dad sees the new cat, I hope our Molly cat, Buddy dog, and Bradley cat get along," said Kayla. "Well our two old cats just sleep all day, remember Molly is 17 years old and Bradley is 13 years old. And Buddy dog is dog is about the same age as Jack cat. Buddy gets along with most cats even the wild strays we feed outside," explained Pam the mother.

"System scans all good to go Jane," said Bill. "All right use the normal cat mannerism program to interact with the cats and dog, ok Bill," asked Jane? "We'll have to wing some of it Jane, okay," asked Bill? "Move in slowly act shy and watch the animals reactions okay," Jane ordered. The animals sniffed the Jack robot tiger cat and growled a little and then accepted Jack as family.

Bill and Jane looked throughout the house making not of what was in the home. In the living room a television, a lap harp, a violin, 5 guitars, and one computer. Pictures scattered throughout the house of the son and daughter and other relatives. Paintings on the walls and drawings some Chinese and Japanese painting and also Native American paintings and drawings.

Native American speaking feathers and feather fans and a medicine man staff hanging up in the parent's bedroom with feathers all over it also. It was about 7 feet long and it was very rare to see, only in drawings in the future was it seen. Guns and bow and arrows were hung right next to the staff on the wall. Karate medals and trophies on the dresser collecting dust kept out of sight of visitors.

Buddy dog starts barking wildly at someone pulling in the driveway. "Daddy is home Buddy get him, get him Bud," said Pam. Buddy waited anxiously at the door wagging his tail his body wiggled all over the place. The door opened and the father of the children Daniel Smith the main objective to keep track of walked in. "High everyone, hey buddy, hey bud say high. Oh is this the new cat named Jack? Hey Jacky, you have thumbs, we love you just the same he's the baby of the family," said Daniel.

The rest of the family greeted Daniel then watched him kick off his shoes, and turn the television on. Then he just went to sleep watching the television within 15 minutes with drool running down his chin. Bill and Jane didn't see anything special about him other than he's funny to watch drool.

"Supper time everyone, come on Dan wake up and eat, and spend some time with you family," said Pam. Dan groans and slowly makes his way to the table. The whole family downs there food like there's a race to get done. After everyone got done, Pam scoops the leftover into a bowl for the cats outside. Kayla grabs the violin and starts to play, "Snake charmer," and then other harder songs.

Andy and Dan go outside with the guitars because it's springtime, and great to sit outside and play. With acoustic guitars in hand Andy starts playing some nirvana songs; while Dan just played 3 step blues he called it. Dan started playing some songs starting with Blues. Then he stepped up the tempo and played some rock songs that sang about war some dating from the 1970's.

They played for an hour until coming in to put the guitars away. Everyone sat down and watched the television game shows, and pet the new cat, a watched how he acted. Jack was licking his fur when he quit and sat with his tongue stuck out. "Is he sick or just lazy," asked Andy? "He's just different," answered Pam.

"Oops I forgot to draw in the tongue after the licking stage Jane. Let's meow and let them pet us," said Bill. "They'll forget all about the tongue stuck out," replied Jane. Just like Jane said everyone over looked the odd happening. It was bed time for everyone and exploring time for Jack the cat and crew.

Jack downloaded all the copies of files on the computer. Then Jack looked through Dan's notes and compositions book. Bill and Jane hit the jackpot it was filled with 4 poems and three shot stories. The fifth poem was a rough draft of what they were searching for. Their search was for a poem and song that touched the world's hearts and caused a peace movement around the world.

Then it affected other planets to stop fighting amongst themselves also. Finding out what inspired poems and the song was the hard part. A week went by so quickly with everything like a schedule kids to school, husband to work and wife working at home. The same routine took place at night eat, practice music, homework and then bed.

Now that it was the weekend maybe things would change. "Hey Pam, Jack's following me everywhere even to the bathroom I caught him eating cat litter," laughed Dan telling his family. "I told you cats don't eat the litter, they only go potty in it Bill," yelled Jane. "I'm sorry I just tried to make us look inconspicuous in the bathroom," replied Bill.

"Kayla your Jack cat acts like he's from a different world," said Andy. Jack followed Pam to the door to the outside where she had some food to give to the stray cats. Jack peered out at the stray cats, two tiger cats and two black cats waiting patiently to get feed.

"It's funny that there were so many extra pets and not enough owners," observed Bill. "The last World War killed many living things not just humans. No one wins when not many survived," explained Jane. They couldn't believe how different things were in this time.

No one really wins when the World barely survived. Pam and Dan both get a cup of coffee and sit out with the stray cats and watch the sunrise. Dan writes a little in his notebook while sipping the coffee.

He writes "Everyone around the world today join together in the name of peace. And walk away from the killing and blood spilling for a day and pray for tomorrow. It's harder to cause peace instead of war so look at what you're fighting for."

"It's too bad that the people of Dan's time people didn't listen to his or anyone else's words of peace until the final World War. I feel bad because he didn't know he mad a difference or not," explained Jane. Bill had a tear in his eye as he watched Dan write. "One person can make a difference, with family and friends backing him up," Bill replied to Jane.

"You know Pam growing up watching the Vietnam War on the news as a kid really stuck with me. I loved some Hendrix, Bob Dillon, and Black Sabbath songs about War. All this encourages me to make a difference now," explained Dan.

"You know it takes time away from the family, but I feel it will make a difference. Not right away but it will eventually take affect so keep on writing," encouraged Pam. "You caught that right, we picked that up," ask Bill?

"We sure did record that I think there's more coming up to record. The website records show different sites that support peace that he wrote to. So we have a while left Bill we just got here," explained Jane. Jack cat made his way by the house cats to lie down. The other cats avoided Jack because they knew something was odd about Jack.

The buddy dog would just sniff Jack and walk away, and lie down and stare at Jack. Buddy would try to figure out what's different about Jack. The way the animals treated Jack made everyone feel sorry for him. Jack could be as noisy as he wanted and not get in trouble.

The whole family would go outside and relax on the deck, or play in the yard. Jack would look out the door and watch the family. The neighbors would sometimes come over and visit and talk while their kids would play with Andy and Kayla. Bill and Jane would laugh about different stories growing up in the 60's and 70's.

Some things were about the televisions shows they watched, and the rest was about things they did growing up. Dan and the neighbor man would get out the guitars and play different songs some blues and then some rock songs.

Pam and the neighbor lady would just listen and talk about the neighborhood and the kids schooling. Andy and Kayla would skateboard or scooter with the neighbor kids. This would be about the same thing that would happen on the weekends and when summer break was on.

Sometimes Bill and Jane would notice while the kids were playing outside Dan would meditate under a tree outside. Then he would practice karate while watching the kids. The days went by and finally summer break. "It has been a few months and there are many things that influenced a person to try and make a difference recorded," said Jane.

"Jane I'm having some trouble drawing in the tongue on Jack again. Someone is going to notice again," Bill groaned while fighting with a lever that drew in the tongue. "Mom, Jack's doing it again, his tongue is sticking way out," laughed Kayla.

Jack just stood there with the tongue stuck all the way out. Finally after five minutes the tongue went in the mouth. Everyone just laughed looking at Jack. They accepted that Jack was strange just looking at his eight toed paws would be a hint. Andy grabbed Jack to cuddle him on his lap.

"You're the baby of the family and we love you," said Andy while he held Jack. Jack swished his tail as to acknowledge what he said and let out a small meow. Jack would stare at whatever Dan wrote acting like he wanted attention.

Dan would write some more on his poem acting like he had a time schedule to keep. "The quicker it gets wrote, the quicker it may help save some lives, by getting people to think about peaceful solutions, you know it Pam? I got another page wrote and then put together and condensed the whole poem," explained Dan.

"Anything positive done is a good thing, but I still think it won't help right away," replied Pam. Bill and Jane sat in Jack and recorded everything. They decided to wait for everyone to go to sleep and leaf through Dan's notebook. In the mean time Kayla gets out the violin to practice.

Dan and Andy took out the guitars and went outside to practice. They both played rock songs of the times, while Kayla played violin songs practicing for orchestra. Dan kept playing except now it was the blues, while Andy got tired out by playing fast songs. He would strum some notes and write them down, and sing some words from the poem, and write them down.

"It's odd to see people use strings on the music instruments because the future the strings were done away. All they have spots to put your fingers and that's it," noted Jane. Bill nodded in agreement with Jane's observation. Jack lay down to relax and wait for everyone to go to bed.

Jack's eyes turned on like headlights on a car, because all the lights in the house were off. Little Jack's lights were trained on the notebook pages to search for new entries. Bill and Jane recorded the music additions. The music was a full page of words and notes. Two more pages needed filled still, going by history.

The next morning Pam woke up and took Buddy dog outside. Dan heard her get up and walk outside and decided to go out too. "Hey, Pam it's a beautiful sunrise," said Dan. "Yep it sure is, but what else is on you mind," asked Pam? "I don't think my world peace poem will make a difference. The son is the same style of peace songs from the 70's, I think people would rather about sex and money I'm done," explained Dan.

"Do whatever you feel is right it's your decision," said Pam with a disappointed look on her face. Bill and Jane couldn't believe what they were hearing while listening at the door. The outdoor cats would walk up and sniff and paw at the window while staring in at Jack. Dan walks in and grabs his guitar and walks back out.

He started playing the blues with his wife outside relaxing. Both Kayla and Andy went out after they woke hearing the talking. "You should finish and not care what other people like," encouraged Andy. "Yah Dad you got this far why not go the rest of the way," asked Kayla?

"Well I'll see how it goes with my poem and publish it on the internet for free. I found a site that will get it out to the whole world. I'll publish it today and then work on the guitar chords for now. So you don't worry, and you both need to go in and eat," replied Dan.

"Yah I'll cook some sausage, eggs and toast while you practice on the guitar," said Pam with a smile on her face. Dan started with a three step blues he called it. A dunt, dunt, de, da, dunt, dunt, de, da, dunt, dunt, de the guitar rang out in a thundering bass tone. Then he jumped it to the treble side with the same playing.

Dan would see people drive by and stare like they never seen a man playing a guitar. He would stop playing and wave trying to be neighborly. While the family ate breakfast it gave Bill and Jane a chance to eat. They made Jack pick up table scraps and take some for themselves and the rest would go into the holding tank to be place neatly into the litter box.

They made Jack beg which was entertaining to do and to see who would give scraps out next. Kayla would look down smile and drop a piece of sausage to Jack. Jack had to hurry and pick up the food before Buddy dog would get the scraps.

"Okay times to empty the holding tank so we look like a real cat," explained Jane. "Yah I hope the air filter is working good. I could smell the litter box the last time," laughed Bill. "Uhh one of the cats didn't cover it's a mess," yelled Jane. Bill and Jane drove Jack back to the living room.

They noticed Dan was writing some more in the song but couldn't tell how much he wrote. "You know dad, the concert we're going to next weekend may help you finish the music. You know who that sings about war and peace, and other rock songs," asked Andy? "Yah, the godfather of metal," laughed Dan acting like a teenager, holding up the bulls horn sign.

"We'll hang out at the hotel and go swimming, and order in pizza," cheered Kayla. "Yah, while they're at the concert we'll have our own fun," replied Pam. The time went by so fast the family packed their bags for their overnight stay. Dan and Kayla painted crosses on their truck, and wrote in big words the concerts name.

They packed up Friday morning and feed the animals. Out they went all in a cheerful mood they pulled out of the driveway. They returned the next evening with the music playing loud of the group they went to see. They got out of the truck all dressed in black whooping it up. The family came in and unpacked their luggage.

As soon as they were done Dan got out the guitar and played faster than usual. Shredding up the strings with his guitar pick, making the guitar scream. Then he slowed down and played the blues then back to rock when Andy joined in with his guitar. Then they both started speeding up on the playing again until they were exhausted.

"Woooh, we flat shred it up," yelled Andy with a big smile on his face. "Oh yah, woo, hah, aah," laughed Dan. Dan went in the house to write some more in the book. He wrote notes in above the words and made a big sigh of relief. "That concert inspired me," said Dan out loud to himself.

"It must be done," Bill remarked to Jane. "We'll see won't we Bill. But there's one other catch we didn't think of is how does these writings get sent into a space probe to be discovered in space," asked Jane? They figured that the space program picked important things to have recorded in the probe.

It was nighttime and the family went to bed. Bill and Jane checked to make sure Dan was done. The answer was yes, but what he wrote needs to get out to the public. The internet was the answer. They had a new part of the quest was to see he followed through all the way.

It was Monday Dan got up before everyone else to get ready for work. It was the same old routine that he did day after day. He put the coffee on and watched the early news. The news announcer came on and was talking about the world news.

A car bomb kills 50 in a market place in another country. Then on national news a 12 year old boy was struck by a stray bullet from a drive by in a big city near by. "So much killing, doesn't anyone care to have peace," asked Dan out loud as Jack listened? Dan chugged down his coffee and downed few brown sugar pop tarts while the car was warming up.

He was running a little late from being in a daze from all the news on the television. Off he went stumbling out the door at the last minute. Another hour later it was time for the kids to go back to school. Kayla couldn't wait to get to school with her violin going with her for orchestra.

Andy was hesitant about going to school moaning and groaning go to the breakfast table. Pam hurried around cooking them beacon, eggs, and toast for breakfast. Off they went out the door after eating breakfast. With no one left in the house it was time for Bill and Jane to eat, and plan what to do next. Some how they had to convince Dan to submit his poem and song to the space center so it would be included.

They used Jack to get some leftovers off the counter top. Beacon, eggs, and toast were a thing of the past for Bill and Jane it was a treat. The time they come from is almost all vegetarian for healthier living. So this was a rare treat for them try something they never had before.

Into Jack's mouth the food went, and onto the kitchen table inside Jack. They never wanted to go out of Jack and look around because of the cats and dog would get them. In Jack they were protected by an armored shell underneath the fur.

As the day went on Jack turned on the television set and watched different programs. Studying the shows that were news and movies and recording them that was about history. Some of the stories went back to Noah and the Ark that Jack recorded. It was easy for Jack to get movies on history from DVD's. With a quick scan of Jack's eyes the movie was recorded for history sake.

The other animals would just glance over at Jack staring at the television. Lot of information of history was lost and now gained back by the documentaries that Jack recorded. "This whole experience is helpful for the future," remarked Bill. "Yah just as long as we get Dan to send in his things on the internet. We could always do it but we would be interfering with history," said Jane.

By now it was late in the afternoon and the wife and kids made it home. Pam brought her Buddy dog out for a walk. While they were out walking in the yard a large dog three times the size of Buddy dog started biting him. Pam tried her best to run the dog off almost getting bit herself. Poor Buddy had seven bite marks and was rushed to the animal hospital.

Buddy was saved and mended of his wounds, and was sent home. Buddy sore and full of medicine that made him sleep and heal. Pam found out it was a neighbor's dog down the road from them that doesn't watch their pet like they should. Soon after Dan made it home and was shocked at what had happened. "People need to keep better control of their animals. He almost died because of a loose dog," said Dan.

"Yah, I almost got bit myself trying to get the dog off him," explained Pam. "I'm afraid to go outside daddy," cried Kayla. "I don't want to get bit either," said Andy. Jack looked over and noticed he got bit seven times on the back.

Bill and Jane couldn't believe what they were seeing and felt bad for Buddy. They weren't use to seeing anything suffer. Then they decided the next time it happened they would try to stop the dog from attacking some how. It a few days to go by before Buddy would go back out in his own yard.

Finally Buddy dog was healed a little and could go back outside. So Buddy dog and Pam went outside while everyone else was eating supper. Suddenly the bad dog appeared again with the intent on killing Buddy dog. Jack was watching at the door and seen what was happening.

Jack leaped up into the air and hit the door latch with a perfect swing of the paw. In the commotion the rest of the family made it to the door to the door to see Jack getting bit. Jack bolted in between the large dog and Buddy and Pam. The mean dog sank its teeth into Jack, Bill and Jane quickly hit the enlarge button.

In a flash the Jack turns into a cat the size a school bus with the dog on top of it. The mean dog leaped off and ran away yelping in fear. The family all were shocked by what had happened stood in amazement staring at the huge cat in their yard. Then Bill and Jane stepped out of the big ears of the cat.

Bill and Jane explained their whole mission to the family. Bill and Jane made Jack shrink back to normal size so no one else would see. While Bill and Jane stayed normal size to talk to the family. "You guys can't tell anyone or it will change the future," pleaded Jane. "Yah promise because something bad will happen in the future if you don't. Dan you have to send out your song and poem to the space research lab to send it out with the probe.

I demand you it now on the internet please," explained Bill. "Okay, okay," said Dan as he emailed the space research lab. "Hey will it stop the wars right away and help in peace," asked Kayla? "No, I regret not here on earth right away. But the planet that received the space probe is moved by many of the people's messages of peace.

It caused them to stop their 20 year war, and look towards peace for their planet and other planets. They decided to visit earth more often to cause peace when so many are killed in the WW of 2100. Seventy planets join in this and cause peace and the uniting of your planet with the rest. You were chose by all 70 planets along with other people in history. Just because you don't make a difference now doesn't mean you don't make a difference at all.

Then magnitude of what you did helped cause peace in other worlds first," Jane explained. "You know without the support of your family you wouldn't have done any of this. We'll add that in the history report," explained Bill.

"We'll be going now, but we'll be back from time to time. We'll trade places with the real Jack and you won't know the difference," laughed Jane. "Yah, both cats act alike you won't know. Okay goodbye now and thank you," said Bill as he gave everyone a hug treating them like family. Jane gave them all a hug and felt like they were family now.

In a flash they were gone and the real Jack was there for now or was it?

Copyright 2007 11-21-07 by Nos482


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