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Sinjo time rift ninja rev.2

Short story By: NoS482
Science fiction

This is a small revision to my story on a small detail I forgot about before about time travel.

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Sinjo the Living Time Rift Ninja

Sinjo was a ninja of the time of feudal Japan where many of his clan was asked for their services from one samurai general or a rich nobleman who wanted someone's land. His clan would never reveal their location; other clans would always try to find where they lived.

Sinjo was known for his fine swords that he hand forged. Many of his clan's families forged throw away swords and also family swords. These were passing down from generation to generation. He had a younger brother named Kinjo. Kinjo was just ten years old and not strong enough to forge swords.

Kinjo would help his older brother by fanning the forging furnace. Sinjo being 17 was allowed to forge swords for his father and mother, and himself. The whole family would get involved in practicing from hand to hand fighting and sword fighting to throwing weapons. And when there would be a contract waiting in town 8 miles away in the valley.

Sinjo was always chosen to watch over his brother while his parents went to check for contracts in town. This was the most dangerous part, getting contracts because other clans only knew that they would only visit this town.
Usually no other town was traveled to and Sinjo's parents knew that they would be watched.

His mother and father would dress in disguise as an elderly couple that would hobble along. The father and mother with walking canes with swords hidden inside them. His mother would act feeble and deaf and the same with his father.

No one would ever suspect them as killers. While they went to town Sinjo and Kinjo had unexpected visitors. They had strange looking clothing and appeared like magic. They appeared in three large round balls with two people inside each ball.

The men held small things that looked like cross bows without the bow. One had a small square object that made strange noises. He moved it around and as it pointed towards both us. It made a faster noise like magic finding where they were hiding in the trees. When they shot in our direction branches would fall like fast arrows that you couldn't would zip by. They're weapons made small cracking noises like my fire crackers would make.

I decided to throw one bomb and one smoke bomb to distract them while we fled. And got my brother Kinjo to a safe hiding place. The bomb struck one of the big round objects and made it shatter. The pieces struck two of the six men lacerating one in the leg the other got struck in the neck.

Both fell dead in the smoke filled woods. The other four hid behind their large ball objects. I managed to hit one in the back of the head with a throwing star making a dull thud. The man shrieked out in pain until he fell dead at the others feet.

The other three vanished in the two round objects speaking before they left. "We'll be back with more help. You can't hide forever," said one of the strange people. Like magic they vanished like how they appeared.

We headed back to our home; we knew it wouldn't be safe with their magic box searching for us. I banged the alarm gong that alerted my clan to come to our aide. The gong could be heard as it echoed through the valley.

All of the clan arrived in the shadows checking the area for safety. I told my father everything that happened when they came back from town. They decided to use forest cover, and check the area where the round objects were.

The metal from the object was very light and sparkly things were embedded into the metal. The sparkles were like the water when the sun light hit it. I took all the metal that I could with two of my uncles gathering the rest of the metal. We took it back to our home to see if could forge the strange metal.

I could forge it into weapons and armor if it would forge at all. Kinjo and I hammered forged the strange metal with our sword metal. Every time I struck it with the hammer it would disappear and then reappear.

When I would heat it up it glowed a blue color. We made two swords ten throwing stars, and some armor. The rest of the clan took turns waiting in the tree for the stranger to return.

Days went by without any threats which gave us time to gather all the scrap metal. I made two more swords and 10 more throwing stars and some climbing claws forged with the strange metal. "Sinjo you need to test the swords to see how easy it cuts.

Everyone in the village wants to see what happens. Come on everyone Sinjo is going to see how sharp they are," urged Kinjo. Twenty of them gather in the village to watch me. The first test was a tightly woven bail of straw the width of a human body. I drew the sword and with a quick downward slash it cut through just like it was cutting air.

The blade started to turn transparent as it moved threw the air. Next test was something harder a bundle of 50 bamboo poles tied together. And the blade and armor disappeared on me this time. And then I sheathed the sword and sat down.

"Sinjo how did you get over there? You cut all the bamboo and then disappeared and reappeared sitting down like magic," explained Kinjo in amazement. The rest of the relative were also amazed at the discovery. The last test was a tree with old armor on it.

"Yah let's see him cut this, no one can cut this with one cut," chuckled my father. My relatives laughed and chuckled thinking it was not possible. I drew the sword once more and cut a little harder and faster with a downward slash.

With a woosh of the sword it again cut like cutting air. With a loud crash the 25 foot tall tree fell and I went back and sat down and had a drink of tea. And waited for a response everyone looked still. With the same shocked look on their face. "Sinjo you disappeared for 20 minutes and reappeared.

That's some form of magic right? What else could it be," asked Kinjo? Three day went by no threats from the outsiders. On of my uncles received a contract to go to a town 10 miles away.

A samurai lord needed to be killed, and a rival band of samurai put out the contract. It was time to test everything out that I made. We made it to their fortress and checked for an entry area with brick walls around the whole fortress.

We climbed the brick walls with the climbing claws on the hands and feet. The claws dug into the bricks and rock like they were wet clay. Two guards stood by the main doors.

Blowguns from my Aunt and Uncle were used to take out the guards striking them in the neck. They both fell at about the same time falling to the ground not making much noise. I made my way in to get the warlord.

Some went to the rooftop to find a quiet way in. Then the rest would make their way in quietly. He was heavily guarded, there was no other way to kill him, and poison darts wouldn't work either. No one could poison him either because he had food testers.

He wore armor protecting him from arrows also. I stayed out in the courtyard to keep watch while the more seasoned ninjas would get the warlord. Two guards raced towards me when they heard the clang of swords.

I drew my sword and then they tried to block my sword. I cut both people and swords in half. My parents tried to get the warlord with the rest of the clan while I kept busy with more attackers.

My parents shot darts one struck the warlord. A flurry of arrows caught my parents by surprise and there they died. Half the clan fled with me returning home completing the contract at a heavy price.

The strange people showed up again just after we made it back into the village area where they came from before. They came from the same direction as the battle had taken place. Pop, pop, pop went their crossbows at our group.

One of my clan fell from the noisy crossbows. Everyone fled into the woods to use it for cover. Ten strange dressed men this time a little noise box each. As they followed throwing stars, darts, and arrows flew at them striking 3 of the strange men.

The rest had see threw shields that protected them until I used my weapons. Three people were lined up behind a shield. With a quick flick of one of my special stars it turned clear and ate threw the shield. The star kept going after hitting the targets.

An arm fell to the ground from one of them and blood poured out from all three. And just behind them the bamboo trees fell 30 yards behind them. There were four left behind the shields to get to. I circled them like a tiger while the rest kept them distracted.

I drew my sword and cut the one man with the shield down the middle. He split open like cutting fruit in half. The other three tried to attack but they stood still from me cutting. I cut threw the others like they were frozen in time.

There was one person left at the large round object observing the battle at a distance. In a quick flash it disappeared like magic again. All Sinjo could think of is that they would be back again.

I decided to take all the strange sparkly metal that he could find and flee with my brother to China then to Tibet. There was a famous Tibetan temple that was going to have Kinjo stay at. I wanted them to raise Kinjo as a monk in safety.

There wouldn't be any strange people in the big round objects there. In the future thin slices of body parts appeared. Body parts of the samurai and of the people from the future. Sinjo's sword blade sent thin slices into the future and anything else it cut also.

These fillets mostly appeared in a historical battle ground museum in the pick nick area. These fillets appeared like magic. One family sitting at the picnic table watched them appear.

They shrieked in fear as the fillets fell to the ground. They called the police as soon as they could. A police investigator arrived within 5 minutes named Inspector Tanaka. The inspector found pieces of armor around the outside of the meat.

All the fillets seemed the same having metal around them. The fillets were sent back to the crime lab. "Officer Tanaka, there are more fillets found in a shopping mall parking lot," reported and officer. Officer Tanaka jumped on his police hover cycle and flew over to the parking lot.

More fillets of meat that were almost the same except these had no outer metal. One odd fillet was about 3 feet lone and on one side was bone like a thin slice of spine and skull and organs on the other side.

It was like finely cutting the body down the middle without blade marks. All were sent back to the crime lab. Inspector Tanaka couldn't understand how thin fillets would just appear out of the air.

The results would tell the whole story for Inspector Tanaka. Later that day the inspector got the results. The fillets from the museum area were carbon dated 400 A.D. but was fresh to the touch.

The parking lot fillets were carbon dated to present time. The DNA matched some security guards from time tech. labs where they worked. The lab did time travel research. "This makes sense time travelers are causing this in the past. They're going back in time for one reason or another," the Inspector thought.

All the security guards that were killed were known felons. All were accused of murder but never convicted because of lack of evidence. They worked directly under the president of Time Tech. Labs.

Mr. Tanaka decided to pay a visit to the president of the lab Mr. Jones. Mr. Tanaka could tell that wasn't ready for a visit telling by the surprise in his eyes. "You know you have quite a few security guards dead somewhere. We found fillets of your guards and nothing else.

Over at a shopping mall parking lot, appearing out of thin air. You must have made someone mad, is there someone after your guards? You probably heard this before on TV but, don't leave town for a while," informed Detective Tanaka.

The detective already knew of his response of hiding something. "No I don't, but someone must not like my company maybe. A lot of people protested time travel experiments. They believed that a rift in time could be caused from time travel," replied Mr. Jones.

"I have no more questions for now if you come up with any leads let me know. Here's my card you can call me day or night," informed Mr. Tanaka. The investigator left the building knowing something was brewing. Someone would slip up and light would be shed on the mystery.

Mr. Jones hurried to phone to call the head of security. "You don't speak just listen. No more security chasing down this guy. You go find some hit men, and send them into the past.

One hint to find him again there was a book called "The myths and legends of Asia," it talks about superhuman feats in Tibet and China. He may not be in Japan anymore. You know there is a good place to start in the mountains of Tibet. I have heard of a myth about a temple that would disappear when raiders would attack.

Try to dress for that era with someone to translate. You'll head this up better than last two attempts. Jim the relative of this thing doesn't suspect a thing. Other scientists just disappear and no one knows of them ever being around. Now go get to work and don't fail," growled Mr. Jones.

Off the head of security went searching some of the seedy bars where hit contracts are made. He had as much money as it would take and that would attract a large crowd of killers. He wanted the best money could buy because the man in the past was very good at killing he observed.

Back in the past spent a year getting to the mountain temple in Tibet where they accepted young children for training. Kinjo was to stay and be a student of the temple. Sinjo decided to stay and study the martial arts side.

The monks helped him forge and strengthen his chain mail armor with more of the strange metal mixed in with steel. Small plates were added and a chain mail hood, demon mask, and a helmet and gauntlets where made. It was very light to wear still and easy to move fluidly.

In return Sinjo forged a prayer wheel out of the strange metal. And also gave them the extra forged swords to protect and hand down to Kinjo. The inside walls were decorated with gold paint and the stone bricks had minerals that reacted with the strange metal.

This was all connected with the prayer wheel to travel in time for protection only. Now when invaders would attack the monks would pray for safety. The temple would disappear and go into a different time where they were safe.

Now Sinjo thought Kinjo was safe from the funny dressed killers. But one thin that Sinjo didn't know was that when you travel time. They leave a trail of moon energy that goes like vapor trails like a jet leaves.

Sinjo meditated on what was to happen next and felt that the strange people would be back. While he meditated he dreamed of them attacking the temple. He decided to try to kill them all if possible or be killed protecting his brother and monks.

He decided to distract them if he could and lead them away from his brother some how. Sinjo told the head monk of this dream and told them to be ready. "Kinjo no matter what stay with the monks and act like you don't know me. I'll try to lead the attackers away when they show up.

And remember I love you always brother," explained Sinjo with tears running down his face. "Brother do our family proud, and use the five elements to help decide what to do. I love you brother and I will make you proud of me and come back when it's safe," Kinjo explained.

He had tears running down his face trying to look brave. Doom, doom, doom banged the warning bell. The attackers were back and attacking the outside of the temple. Sinjo put the new armor on and went around back outside the temple.

The invaders were over confident with their weapons and just yelled and waited for a response. Sinjo decided to use the over confidence against them. He crept and circled them like a tiger after prey. He moved around behind the attackers and quickly went after the guard watching over the time machines.

As Sinjo ran up to the guard the chain mail disappeared. And everyone stood still just like when he would swing his sword. Sinjo ran up to all ten people one at a time. He would flash in and out in front of them when he would hide behind rocks.

The tiger was for some and then used the snake for the rest by poisoning them with blowgun darts. He hid behind rocks and watched them stumble into the machines and leave. The leader watched from another mountain top a long distance away. And had five people protecting him from any harm.

They started firing at Sinjo to keep him pinned down behind a rock. In a flash the temple disappeared and gave Sinjo the distraction he was looking for, throwing a smoke bomb to block their view. They shot bullets into the smoke and hitting Sinjo's chain mail and going into the future striking parked cars in a parking lot hundreds of years ahead of time. The bullets didn't even hurt Sinjo because they moved into the future too fast. Then Sinjo had enough distance to run and stop time.

He made it to the other mountain reappearing while climbing behind them. Then he drew his sword and ran at them shooting some with darts with two left. He used his sword and cut sniper in half. As he cut he traveled 800 years into the future.

Sinjo chook with surprise of not seeing the attackers anymore. He ran to the temple to ask the monks what year it was. "Why it's 1200 A.D.," replied the monk. "They may find a way to follow so I must lead them away," Sinjo thought.

He decided to travel back to Japan to his families land to see what changed. "The moon radiation made our target stick out like a sore thumb. It just takes time checking every year in this spot. He's in 1200 A.D. sir we can get him in Japan," said one of the hit men reinforcements that arrived.

"Good our boss will be happy pretty soon," growled the head of security. It took Sinjo 10 months to get back home. Sinjo arrived in the village of his ancestors and noticed the buildings looked different.

Many of the people's last names he recognized but no one looked the same. In a flash the security guard and his hired killers showed up trying to shoot him again. Sinjo throws a flash bomb and runs at them. Sinjo disappears in front of the villagers eyes. Sinjo slowly cut three of the four in half so he wouldn't travel to far in time.

Then the fourth one was a fast cut to go into the future again. This time to the future where the problem started. Sinjo appeared there were signs written in his language and the other writing he couldn't understand. "Welcome to the maize of history 100 A.D. to the present time. Understanding the past to know your future," the sign read.

While Detective Tanaka was studying the crime scene outside the museum of history just a 100 feet away from Sinjo. Sinjo wearing his outfit with weapons appeared a little out of place. Detective Tanaka glanced in his direction with a look of curiosity.

"Hey sir, sir can I ask you a question please? Are you with the museum rein actors? Because that outfit you're wearing looks authentic. All the way down to the weapons," complimented Detective Tanaka.

"Oh, oh me, yes, yes, rein-actors, I need to go inside now before they miss me," replied Sinjo. Sinjo casually walked into the museum doors where he was met by security. "I'm with the history rein actors," explained Sinjo.

"Oh okay you're early you need an I.D. badge so you won't have trouble getting around," explained the guard while handing him the badge. Sinjo calmly accepted the badge and walked through the museum. Starting at 100 A.D. and moving forward to 200A.D., 1000A.D., 2000A.D. and on towards the present year.

He stopped a year before the present and looked. Studying the information about the discover of time travel. It was linked back to the discovery of moon crystals mined on the dark side of the moon. The crystal was found in a crater.

The strange crystals reacted with sun light and movement when they first discovered it. In the lab one of the scientists dropped one of the crystals and quickly grabbed it causing a slight change in time. Then the large balls were made and Sinjo noticed the picture of them right away.

It listed the president's name and the research scientist's names. One of the scientists had the same last name as his. Sinjo decided to stay unnoticed by his relative for the time and target the president of the lab.

Mr. Jones was the leader of the whole problem and Sinjo was the solution. "Take care of the leader and the rest will fall," thought Sinjo. "Sir I never seen you before as a rein actor. Are you new to the show," asked a woman's voice? "Why yes I am miss," answered Sinjo in his native tongue.

His speech was of his time and the museum director caught on. "My name is Miss Tanaka, my father you already met he's Detective Tanaka. I saw you talking to him and then I waved him off for you.

I would like to ask you to lunch on me, since you work for me in the museum," joked Miss Tanaka. "In that case I would be honored to go eat. But first I have a question pointing to the time machine picture. Where can I find this research facility," asked Sinjo?

"I'll take you by there after we eat it's only about two blocks away. I have a favorite spot where they fix foods like homemade," explained Miss Tanaka. They got into Miss Tanaka's hover car. Sinjo didn't know anything about cars or eat at what they call restaurants, or blocks away. Miss Tanaka motioned for him to buckle his seat belt.

Sinjo caught on watching her buckle up first. Sinjo kept his swords held tight on the floor board. The car started to hover and move and Sinjo tensed up like when people ride a roller coaster going down a hill.

He tried to hide his tenseness to blend in. Miss Tanaka glanced over at him and laughed. "Hey I don't drive that badly," she joked. "Oh okay I'm sorry if I offended you," Sinjo said politely. "Oh we're already here as soon as I park I'm ready to eat, how about you," she asked?

"Oh yah I could go for some fish and rice and I would be happy," replied Sinjo smiling back at her looking into her beautiful eyes. "If you're bringing your swords you need your badge pinned up for everyone to see. That way we don't have the police called on us," informed Miss Tanaka.

They sat down and she ordered the food and worked on finding out more about Sinjo. She looked him over and his swords and the markings on them she never seen before. He seemed different than most his outfit was hand woven, and noticed chain mail underneath the cloth.

The cloth look brand new and was finely hand woven, the chain mail look hand crafted also and looked brand new. Little did she know that he made them a short while ago in his time.

"What things attracted you to the big city, you seem like you come from a country setting," she asked? "Why yes I just arrived the other day to be a rein actor and visit the time lab it seemed very interesting. The thought of time travel does draw an attraction. What would you do if you could travel in time," asked Sinjo?

"Well I would go back to a time where it all took place when there were samurai and ninja's around to study," Miss Tanaka answered. Sinjo smiled and started eating his food while she just studied him over. "Oh and also to study the legends of Asia of a magic temple in Tibet.

It is said it could disappear when threatened. And the other I don't believe of a magic warrior they said could walk through walls and carried swords so sharp it could cut any object even rock of any size. That sounds very far fetched doesn't it," she asked?

"None of what you said does, in fact I feel I can trust you. I have seen the temple first hand. And if you went back in time what would you ask the magic warrior," asked Sinjo?

"I would ask if the stories were all true," she replied with a look of doubt on her face. She then gave a look that she was falling for him and like wise for Sinjo. She was a beautiful Japanese woman that was very smart and had a good heart.

But first to take care of a problem at hand then love could come naturally. "May I ask a favor, can you get me one of those," he asked pointing at the business man with a trench coat. She agreed only if he would pay her back.

Sinjo had to blend in for a short time to complete his objective. After they finished and hoped in the car they flew to the research lab and stopped. Sinjo knew he couldn't rein act any events he would disappear. He decided to take a tour to get inside and find his target.

"I'm going to get out and take a tour and I'll see you in plenty time for the show", instructed Sinjo. "Ah they won't let you in with your weapons," she replied. "Yah they will, I'll let them hold them for a short period of time and my pack too," assured Sinjo.

Sinjo got out and tucked his swords inside the coat and casually walked towards the lab. He waved good by to Miss Tanaka. She pulled up a little acting like she was leaving. She watched as he made it to the lobby. There was a sign that instructed people to take off all article of metal for the metal detectors.

In the lobby he was safe and saw a map for tourists showing all the areas. Then what luck would have it a tour guide announced that the president of the lab will not speak until the closed door session. The board members were having a meeting.

Sinjo looked on the map to the left of the lobby a 100 feet in was the board room. The facility was all brick reinforced with 6" steel so are the roof and floors. For security purposes they put that in so nobody would steal things.

Sinjo casually walked back outside and paced over and even to where the board room was and walked straight away from the wall towards the road. Miss Tanaka sat and watched from the road. Sinjo pulled out his swords and draped his chain mail and helmet over his head.

He put the demon mask over his face it sparkled with the crystals and so did the chain mail and swords when the sun light hit them. In an instant Sinjo began to run at the brick wall and started to look transparent.

She couldn't believe what she was watching. Sinjo ran into the wall and it made a perfect cut out of his body. The material disappeared as Sinjo ran through everything in his path until he made it inside the board room.

His grand son was there for the meeting. Sinjo knew he had to make it quick and clean before the guards would show up. The president stood up and touched his belt buckle. "I'm in a force field you can't get through. Kill everyone else you won't get me," taunted the president of the lab.

Sinjo ran up drew back his sword and cut downward. Everyone in the meeting room thought he failed until they watched as his body split down the middle. One part went one direction and the other part went the opposite way.

It was a perfect cut down the middle. Sinjo turned and looked and pointed at everyone. "You come looking for me again you will all surly die," Sinjo warned.

Two of the men started to run for the door but they were locked. Sinjo to two throwing stars out and quickly flicked them at the two. Both stars turned transparent and cut the spines out of his targets in half.

They dropped like a sack of potatoes. The stars kept going one cut a security guard in the eye as he peeked from behind a wall. Then the star went outside cutting a tree down then going into the ground.

The other star took off another security guards and then went outside striking another tree then into the ground. The tree got cut enough to lean in one direction not yet falling. Miss Tanaka thought she was seeing things.

She hurried and called her father and reported what had seen. Sinjo quickly took off running out the way he came in turning transparent. He ran out and through a car that got in his way as he came out.

He split the car in two without hurting the driver. He quickly headed down an alley and headed towards the museum. He got into the museum without being detected.

Sinjo decided to leave a note for Miss Tanaka in her office. He got out an envelope and paper and wrote. "Dear, Miss Tanaka I owe you for the coat and lunch. Here is some money from my time it is only gold coins please except them.

Come and see me in the past if you can or I will see you again some day. I would be honored to have you visit me sometime in 415 A.D.," wrote Sinjo.
He placed 10 gold coins into the envelope and he made sure the year was after the attacks.

In a flash swinging his sword he went back in time until he made it after the attacks. Miss Tanaka just missed Sinjo leaving looking around calling for him. She noticed the envelope laying on the desk signed to her.

She opens the note and dumps out the coins that were in new condition and read the note. She didn't believe at first what he was until she carbon dated the coins. They authentic coins of the time that he wrote in the note.

She decided to go back to the time he suggested so she could study while staying at his home. It didn't take long before Sinjo found Miss Tanaka and fell deeply in love.

Detective Tanaka at the crime scene shook his head at the board members. "I hope it's over now for everyone's sake," he snarled at them. His daughter came back and told him everything and how it all started.

She went back in time for a few days to study and wait for him to ask for her hand in marriage. But what time would the family belong to when they have children? Both or one or the other, and would it change history?
The End

02/10/2008 by Nos482


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