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Rain On The Endless Road

Short story By: Peur
Science fiction

This is a work in progress, it follows three characters I've been working with for awhile and I'm writing it to help with some character developement and dodge some writer's block. The three characters are Sand, Lilith, and Sammy. Sand can control fire, Lilith can move at incredible speeds, and Sammy can read minds and create illusions. Any feedback is much appreciated, enjoy!

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Sand had given up trying to stay dry, she quickly realized it was going to be impossible.

Lilith was still intent on holding her shirt above her head despite the torrential downpour that seemed to soak through the fabric with little difficulty.

Sammy wasn't bothered by the rain, she actually kind of liked it. She wished she could let the girl, Lilith, know that the shirt wasn't doing her any good, but she could easily see the angry things raging in the girl's mind.

Sand was the first one to talk after a while, "Lilith, do you even know where we're going?"

"We should find the town any minute now, we are almost there." She snapped.

Sammy could see she was lying, and she knew Sand could tell also.

"How about you run ahead and check? You could do it in seconds." Sand added, annoyed.

Sammy could almost see the anger rise in Lilith.

"I'm not a full Frivol smartass, I can only run in bursts, and the ground is too wet, I would just fall."

Sand's mind filled up with mean things, Sammy rolled her eyes.

"You're lucky it's raining Lilith, I hope you know that." Sand looked at her hands, reassuring herself she couldn't create a flame.

Lilith almost laughed, "I'm not scared of you, at all."

Sammy couldn't stay quiet anymore after she saw the violent things flare up in Sand's mind. "Would both of you shut up!? I can already hear everything you aren't saying, I don't need to hear you two go off on each other! Good lord Lilith, its just rain! Put your shirt back on!"

Sand and Lilith stopped walking and stared at Sammy, both shocked at the relatively quiet girl's sudden outburst.

Their surprised emotions made Sammy dizzy, "we aren't going to get anywhere just standing here, keep walking." She resumed the endless walk down the muddy road.

Sand sighed and began to follow, a little worried by the fading light. "I hope your guesses to the whereabouts of this town are right," Sand said aloud, "otherwise we could be walking all night."

A crash of thunder above them jolted Lilith into motion, glad the two other girls didn't she her jump. She pulled her soaked shirt over her body and hurried to catch up with the girls ahead of her.

The light soon drained from the drenched woods, leaving the three girls wandering down the winding trail in the wet darkness.

Lilith could see easily with her adapted eyes, putting her in the lead of the group.

Sammy was able to look into Lilith's thoughts and get blurred images of the trail, which was better than walking blindly, she would occasionally stumble, but not bad enough to give her any difficulty.

Sand on the other hand could barely walk, her eyesight was already bad, and the continuous rain was disorienting to her. Every few minutes she would lose Lilith and Sammy and need to call out for them. Despite the never ending rain, Sand tried again and again to get a small flame, anything to light up the pitch black trail. Huddling over her hands, she tried to dry them, but she couldn't protect them from the relentless rain. Soon enough, Sand couldn't take it anymore. "Alright, I don't think we are finding this town anytime soon."

Sammy already knew what she was thinking, Lilith turned, surprised.

"I think we should try to wait out the night, and possibly the weather." Sand finished.

Lilith laughed as if it was a joke, "you've got to be kidding."

"Yeah, that would be a funny joke." Sand said sarcastically, she took a breath, not wanting to start another fight. "We could find something to keep the rain off us, and then I could make a fire."

Sammy could see that it wouldn't be hard to persuade Lilith, "I'm with Sand. I'm all for a nice break." She could see the defeat in Lilith as she realized she was against unfair odds.

"Fine." Lilith agreed, defeated. "Let's camp out in the rain when we have no idea where we are."

Sand laughed for the first time in front of them.

"What?" Lilith snapped.

Sammy laughed too, seeing what Sand thought was funny.

"What's so funny!?" Lilith demanded.

"You admitted we're lost." Said Sand.


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