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Amongst them.

By: Phyber Optik

Page 1, An unusual alien of a race we have come to call Messiahs living on Earth to monitor human activity begins to appreciate the beauty of the human form.

She is standing out in the pouring rain in her shell.

I imagine she is enthralled by the beauty of her situation, delighted by the moment like a child. I envy her delight, as mine is much harder to come by.

I am in love with her instantly. She is human, but that does not dissuade me. She is the product of her purity, a creature so capable of base deceit and evil but with no desire to assert her power. A simple switch and that could change, and hell would be unleashed. These humans did not know their true power. Good for us.

‘It’s funny’, I think to myself and the cloud, as the idea of a literal crimson tide flooded my conscious

// my virtual was in Jamaica having sex and my literal was in an apartment in Brooklyn

and I peeked in for a moment on a scene of carnage from the Civil War that featured just such a river – not exactly a proper introduction for such a fine Southern Belle, but it was their stupid mascot. And she, even for a cheerleader, was something special.

The game was about to start and she would be gone – down the tunnel and into some temporary paradise of a locker room. I knew I could go wherever she was, but there might never be a better time to approach her than right now. I activated my shell and walked onto the field.


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