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REEDSYLVANIA: Before The Clocks Struck Thirteen

Short story By: Publius Novus Virtus
Science fiction

A first person story where I used my own name as the main character that describes a fictional country that falls pray to the most cunning, non-fictional enemy. The percentage numbers are not correct they are there only to make a point not a poll.

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Who am I, you ask? Why am I here you ask? My name is Jack S. Trinnin. I ran. I ran from an oppressive regime. I didn't run at first. I tried to stop it from coming but the people in my country wouldn't listen to my warnings. They didn't listen because my enemies argued perfectly and my debate was not so practiced. Reedsylvania was once a Free Country. You were expected to go to school, gain an education, find your interests, and work. Those who came up with an idea or invention that succeeded became rich. However, it wasn't a perfect system. People in this free system sometimes starved. There was poverty. No one was guaranteed success, fame, or riches. Gold medals weren't given to those who took last place in a race. The reason this free system was great was because everyone was given an opportunity. All children had to go to school so everyone had a chance. Those who were smart or got lucky became rich while those who were not unfortunately fell into poverty. The philosophy of this system was "You reap what you sow," you keep what you earn, you receive what you earn. This was the system of common sense. This was what freedom meant.

My enemies didn't believe in this system. They offered the idea of, a perfect world, a "Utopia," if you would. Many gathered to their words and found it pleasing unto them. They pointed to our poverty and said they held the answer. Thousands came to hear what their cure to poverty was. They told us that they would take a stand against greed and within that stand held the key to end poverty. Their words intrigued us. My enemies then asked to be elected into offices of position and standing, within Reedsylvania. Their political banners were: Join The Transformation of Reedsylvania! Peace Is The Way! Stand Against Greed! Social Justice! Collective Equality! End Poverty! As well as, Safety And Security Now! Many vied and voted for my enemies and they won large majorities. Now, I'm no opponent to peace nor do I think equality is evil or that safety and security is a waste of time. I avidly support justice and I believe greed is evil. So, it is not what my enemies said they stand for that I oppose. I oppose their definition and meaning behind each banner. In the name of ending greed and creating collective equality, they told us that their answer to poverty was to punish those who had succeeded and give to those who had failed, an action of "Robin Hood," so to speak. They told us this was an act of "Pure charity and righteous giving." I turned away from this action, shrugging it off. I figured our nation had plenty of resources so no one should be starving and greed contributes to poverty. I still believe greed contributes to poverty. It took me many years to realize that true charity comes from people using their own agency to give up the things they have to benefit those in need. Charity is not forced. What my enemies were doing was organized crime.

In my countries original system, there were millions of different kinds of businesses. There was a business for any and every item created or sold. Each company was owned by someone who studied for that profession or came up with an idea that people in Reedsylvania were willing to buy. Each company relied on other companies. For example, a radio company would pay money to a company that sold metal in order to create the radio. The other company would pay money to a mining company in order to have metal to sell. As I said this was the system of common sense. Some companies created similar products so they competed against each other to gain more costumers. These were called brands. Some brands offered an item for less money which usually meant it had less quality than a similar item that was sold for more money by a different company. These different brands allowed us to use our Liberty and purchase what we wanted according to price or quality.

As I had earlier said, my country had people who lived in poverty. It was not a majority but it was still existent. Those who lived in poverty were unable to afford many things that were essential for life as well as common commodities. Many, including me asked what could be done for it is not right for people to die. It was under this justification that my enemies took action. They provided government run humanitarian systems that were free to all people not making a set amount of money. The dues would be paid by those who were rich. This sounded like the logical answer. Taxes increased on the extremely wealthy and other than a little complaint all was well. I later realized that a more economically sustaining plan would be to reduce the taxes on businesses so that more companies would be created and those who were able to work, that were in poverty, could have work. I didn't speak out this idea because I figured the wealthy had enough money to pay for the poor so it didn't worry me. My enemies continued to create government run installations that offered "free" items to anyone not making a set amount of money. They created a government owned company that gave away free shoes to the poor. Like all other things the free items were paid for from the wealthy. 95% of the country got their shoes from the government program. Because of this, the shoe companies that were privately owned fell out of business. This pattern continued as my enemies created more installations for the poor. This was about the time that rich people began to disappear.

I was shocked when my Grandfather told me that many years ago we fought a war against people with similar characteristics. He said they called themselves something else but their actions were the same. He told me it was a war where no shots were fired. We called it a Cold War. The horror of this revelation is what caused me to realize, the terrible truth, that the loss of private businesses was not accidental but secretly deliberate.

Time moved on and my enemies created their own news and magazine companies. One most well-known magazine company that could be found in any store had large red letters and it was called Clocks magazine. The magazine was named Clocks because each hour from 1pm to 12am the company came out with a new, updated magazine. As the clocks struck one, the magazines were replaced on every shelf. The cycle continued until it sent out its last magazine at the start of the new day, as the clocks struck twelve. Thus it was named Clocks. Years continued to go bye and the speed of my enemies' agenda moved faster. Clocks magazine grew into a powerful force against my increasing warnings against the "New System" that my enemies were creating. My enemies took control of Reedsylvania's public school system. 95% of teachers aligned themselves with my enemies. Clocks magazine began to expand into our text books. Yes, look now and you shall find the big red letters of Clocks magazine in every Psychology, History, Economics, Language Arts, and Math text book. Slowly but surely the words of history were distorted and taught differently. Characters of our nation's past were changed. Old villains became heroes and some heroes became villains. Some teachers knew they were helping in the destruction of our nation. Others did not realize that they had been used as pawns in the plot to control the minds of the nation's future. Still, whether they were innocent or pretended to be innocent, Reedsylvania fell into the total control of my enemies.

Science had changed drastically since the founding of my nation. It had turned into something it was not meant to be. It had changed into something that was a blatant and obvious scam. My enemies slowly distorted it into what it has now become, a mask for lies. Scientists agreed that science's place was to find and prove the measurable truth. This was the boundary of science. To exceed this boundary would cause it to no longer be science. Exceeding this boundary is what caused it to become its own philosophy and soon after its own theology. Science should attempt to explain how things come to be. However, the reason why things are should be left to the realm of Theology or Philosophy. Science's role and only role is to find the measurable and prove it by observation. If it cannot be measured and cannot be proved, if it is left skeptical to theory it immediately becomes only relative, or philosophy, or even theology. An example of relative science leeching beyond its boundaries is found when comparing the arguments of the theory of Intelligent Design versus the theory of Randomness. My enemies used the theory of Randomness to argue that there is no order or purpose to life and with that, no accountability. This ultimately led to the decay of society. They used the theory of Randomness to turn order into chaos, while ignoring the fact, that intelligent design can turn chaos into order.

Since my enemies taught through science that there was no eternal accountability, there began a rise in all forms of insidious crimes. Arson, murder, riots, and human trafficking all shot up at alarming rates. At night the streets were lit on fire. Calm nights had become a distant dream. The people of Reedsylvania demanded my enemies to "fix" the problem and reestablish order throughout the nation. Calling for a restitution of order, even I had been caught in what I now realize was a perfectly orchestrated trap. You see, my enemies were nothing if not persistent and strategic. They already knew that because of their own actions there would be uproar in calamities. They created the calamities that they swore to "fix" and rallied the people to demand security.

It wasn't long after all of this that the media degraded and resorted into a "nothing but sex society." Television, radio, advertisements, internet, and music were all transformed by my enemies to feed my country a horrific lie. This new media taught girls that all they could ever be and give in this world was physical. They taught that values were unnecessary for this new age and that it was okay to give up the most sacred thing you possessed if you truly "loved" each other. The idea of true manhood and respect for women was lost. It became frightfully common for boys to lie about loving a girl just so that they could gain pleasure and take from those girls their own value. My country resorted to sex to escape the terrors outside. This caused a catch 22. Sex rose so human trafficking rose, which caused more terrors, which created a vicious cycle and a quicker degradation of society.

My enemies continued to grow and millions of my fellow countrymen joined the call to transform the country and establish the New System. They then attacked the values of family life. They said that in this new age it is less essential to have parents to teach their children right from wrong. They said it takes a community to raze a child and that marriage is no longer very necessary. It was an attack that struck against morals and fed justifications of evil.

The day came that my enemies said that they now had an installation for any and every item and product that was once manufactured or sold by private businesses. They told the country that in order to achieve nationwide collective equality and end poverty; we must all only get our products from the government installations that offered them for free to anyone that had below the set amount of money. It was then that people started listening to my warnings about the New System. Sadly, the majority of my countrymen remained aligned with my enemies. Stores and companies that didn't belong to the government quickly went out of business. Rich people ceased to exists in Reedsylvania because they were forced to pay for every "free" item my enemies gave to my countrymen.

It was then that my enemies took the final step into the complete control of the once free country of Reedsylvania. My enemies said that anyone who opposed the new system will be arrested and placed into work camps for treason against Reedsylvania. It was at this shocking moment that the nation exploded into total chaos. Opposition news networks were shut down. All out Civil War was declared. I was hunted by my enemies for speaking out against the New System. With all home owned guns gone, do to early gun control laws created by my enemies, mounting an effective resistance was impossible. I watched as planes launched missiles at the homes of people that listened to my warnings and tried to rebel. In the black of night I could hear the cries of little children calling for their mothers, followed by an unquenchable shriek from the same voices and then a sudden swallowing silence. Scientists who tried to promote the theory of Intelligent Design were beheaded. I watched as soldiers burned my friends alive to gain information. Millions of people were taken to work camps to be slaves to the New System. Some of my friends were forced to dig their own graves before they were machine gunned to death. The blood and carnage in the streets was unparalleled to anything I had ever witnessed. The fires and smoke that covered Reedsylvania's cities could be seen for miles. A few weeks later all hiding places of the rebels were found. They were tortured with broadcasts from Clocks news to the entire country to make an example of what happens to anyone who rebelled.

The next day there was total silence. Not a single person rebelled. The fire of hope and resistance was completely smothered. The Civil War was over. In a matter of weeks the revolution had ended and the regime of the New System had won. I escaped to America. I had to live to tell other countries to watch out for this masked evil that exists. I married an American girl so I only had to wait two years to take the citizenship test. Learning English was difficult but not impossible. I'm now a legal American. Before I left Reedsylvania I saw the state of my old country. There were no businesses so people are either jobless or belonged to the government. 98% of the country is in poverty because there are no jobs. Electricity was lost; at night it was an abyss of darkness. My enemies accomplished what they said they would. They accomplished equality because everyone was poor. They accomplished peace because all opposition was destroyed. They accomplished safety because they forced the people to be safe. They ended greed by destroying the ability to succeed. No one had food or shoes or cars or anything because no one was left to pay for the "free" items. You need businesses to have money. My countrymen rallied to the banners of evil because they couldn't see the truth. They have given up the system of freedom we call Capitalism and now they learn the truth about Socialism and its lead into Communism and just as the other nation before them Clocks magazine rolled out its new hourly issue at the start of the new day as the clocks struck thirteen.


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