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We pick up were we left off as Korr Taa was just woke up and the family isn't sure what to make of him.

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May, '13



Issue # 2

By RD Turner

New Life (Part 2)

Korr Taa

I can tell by the looks on there faces that they don't know what to do, if I was in there position I wouldn't know what to do either. I did reach up and just barley touch one of there own and they collapse. I sit up again to show that I am not fearful but also to show I really do mean no harm. "The mind link is safe I promise, it just feels a little draining if you have never experienced it before. I needed your words, oh else would we exchange names, words, and stories"

I sit here trying to show that I really don't mean them no harm, I'm not the dangerous one, that's the one that comes after me. After a moment of intense silence the one that seems to be the leader finally stepped up put what I can only assume was one of there primitive weapons of some sort down, and extended the hand out to me, and gave me friendly words, "Hello I'm Greg Junior Nice to meet you Korr Taa." I don't get there custom of holding there hand out when giving a introduction, but I'm pleased that the weapon wasn't used. "The man at the door is my Father Greg Sr. most just call him Senor though, the beautiful lady in the back over here is my dear Wife Mary Ann, and the girl that you touched, well is my daughter Emily, we are all glade you are fine, but word of advance before you try anything else you may want to do like you did to my daughter please explain what your doing and ask if it's ok." The Greg Jr. told me. I gave him a smile and nodded my head to agree with the terms. "May I ask how many of your days was I down?", I had to know how many days I have lost communication with Station #3320. "Well, three of our days." The one I was told to call Senor answered. Three Kotin days means I'm over due, second Scout would have been dispatch not only to do the job I was sent to do but to find me. "Where is my ship, the one I Call Greg Junior?" I must get to my ship and make sure the tracker is off and my gear is intact. I do not want harm to come to these beings that have helped me, well before the rest of the planet has to suffer from who I am in service too. "I hid it in my old barn, no one would ever look there."

I swing my legs off the bed I have been sleeping on and plant my feet on the floor, then using my arms to push me up I try to stand, I get part way up before I end up with my butt back on the bed. Legs are to weak at the moment, "if you don't mind I must take some time before I try and stand again." I sit back on the bed leaning my back to the wall bring my legs up close to my body and cross them, must do the Healing meditation so I can get back on my feet, now the draw back is I will be closed off to what's around me for the time I meditate.

Emily Williams

When he touched me it seemed like I could breath, a movie was playing in my head, although it was in fast forward and moving to fast to catch anything but a piece here and there, I swear I was seeing things from his eyes, even though it was a short moment it felt like it was a couple hours, then I felt a shock, one like my brother use to give me when we where kids by rubbing his socks on the carpet and then touching me, the like a rush I was back in the shed and not looking through his eyes anymore. Also a feeling of danger, not form him but like danger that is approaching from somewhere else, I noticed I'm on the floor, I've must have went right down. Look around dad is standing next to me introducing him self, mom tucked in the far corner and grandpa at the door shotgun in hand. I know he means us no harm I could feel it, but something dark and worrisome was also there, I could feel that I couldn't explain that to anyone else they would think I was crazy, but it was the truth. Look back at him and noticed he was meditating to heal himself, just looking at him I knew that, no idea how I knew what he was doing but I knew it. "Dad, Mom, Grandpa I think we should let him alone, here dad help me up, and lets get out of here letting him rest. I know he means us no harm guys come one." With that I lead my parents and grandfather out of the shed shutting the door behind us, "I'm going to go lay down myself, guys please just let him rest and stay out of the shed." I tell them hopping they do what I ask of them. "Are you ok honey, do you need me to do something for you," my mother ask me, "No, just a little tired is all, nothing a nap can't cure." So I go to my room and get in bed.

Korr Taa

During my meditation the memory of when I had my adult hood ceremony, my dad with a proud smile on his face, my mom with tears in her eyes for her oldest son was now a man, remembering the whole village came to send me into adult hood. Then the next morning came, and the calling beast, knocked at our door, standing taller then most for insect like legs cam out of there thick dark haired covered torso two large hairless arms, there heads much like Tecto or like people form this planet I'm currently on. There eyes size and shape much like ours to only difference is that there eyes are pitch black, almost lifeless, now as day old man this thing was scary, now at this time in my life they are even close to getting a 2nd thought, there so easy to kill I can take ten on by myself with just my bare hands, although I didn't know that then. They were sent to collect me, it was time I paid my time of service for being a citizen of the Mighty Raque Empire. So I was off to the planet Traeton a small harsh planet. Of course they originally put me in training with the rest of my kind, but one of the high commanders there said he saw something in me and I became the first of my kind to train in the highest class, learning the ways of being a One Man Army, and stealth, making me on of the Raque's Elite Knights, being able to take on the armies of a planet all by my self, the highest class of warrior.

After much training they sent me to my first planet to conquer by myself, so I landed on the planet of Kishmo, a planet that the only intelligent beings stood as tall as my waist, they were stout and cover in thick blue fur, only there faces were fur less, there faces showed that the skin under all that fur was a faint yellow, nice round innocent eyes, a peaceful race. After landing I meet with the Scout, he informed me that I should only have to eliminate a few hundred and they rest would bow to me, and I would take there surrender in the name of the Empire. I made my great show of power, calling all to watch, picked up the first of what was going to be many I killed to show the power of the Empire, and saw the fear, man how they feared me, that was something I didn't like, something that in the pits of my stomach didn't feel right. They were defenseless, they weren't struggling, they didn't fight, they have already surrendered before I picked this first soul that was my target, but the book of Raque requires every planet, every culture we conquer must know the true power the Empire holds with a display of death and violence, that just because a culture my surrender before blood is shed doesn't mean they won't resist in the future, doesn't mean they won't rise up, this way the ones who live through the blood spilt can tell there generations to come the story of what happened they day we first showed up and they will always know they could never stand against us. Knowing all that, I still couldn't bring myself to kill, I couldn't they weren't any threat, they don't have a violet bone in there body, so I took there surrender with no blood shed, thinking what is the difference how would they know, it's just me and the scout down here, and why does the scout care. Well the scout did care, he told my commanding officer that I could not kill in cold blood and I was striped of any warrior stature and sent to Scout the lowest of the lowest the less honorable of all. No fighting, no killing, no honor, just sneaking about gaining Intel, and handing what I learned off to who ever was sent, only to watch them do what I could not and was not allowed to do, and I had to watch, couldn't leave I was made to watch, as a learning experience.

Emily Williams

Mom calling me for supper awoke me, glade it did, I was having the worst nightmare, it started off pleasant, a party of some sort in my honor, then a scary beast came and took me away from my family to learn how to kill and fight in the harshest place I ever seen, then I was told to kill the little cute blue creatures, and when I couldn't I was punished and made to watch as my boss killed three times the amount as I was told too, it was just horrible. Thought to myself, "Jeez no more watching my brother play those stupid violet video games anymore," I got myself up from my bed and set off to have supper with the family. The picture of those cute little blue guys getting murdered keeps playing over and over in my head, "man that dream felt so real" I said out loud to my self. Walked into the kitchen and all eyes were on me, with that look of worry, "guys I'm ok really," trying to reinsure them.

I finished my meal quicker than normal, and get up taking my plate to the sink. I then walk to the pantry while the rest of the family was still eating and grabbed a dissoluble plate and the plastic wrap. Then walk back into the kitchen and begin filling up the plate, "You know if you want to put a plate away for latter you can use one of the good ones honey" mom shots my way, "Mom I'm making a plate for Korr he has to be hungry." I cover the plate and got a bottle of water out of the fridge and headed out of the shed. Once just out side of the shed I knocked on the door but there was no answer, so I lightly open the door and look in and it was just to dark to see anything. I open the door and walk in, turning the light on has I do walk in. There he is Korr Taa still in meditation. I set the water and food on the table and walk over to Korr saying his name. That not getting his attention I reached over to him and gave him a nudge and right before I touched him he grabbed my hand and his strength was so great it felt like it almost broke my wriest. His eyes open and makes contact with mine and he lets go quickly, "I am sorry Daughter Emily, I just felt my space being evaded and I took action with out knowing all that was truly happening, Hope I did not injury you." Looking into his eyes I see a senesce of warmth, almost human like, seeing this spark in him made me see something I can't explain. I just shot him a smile and told him "No it's understandable didn't mean to just come up on you and startle you, I'll be fine just going to be a little sore, I brought you some food and a bottle of water. Go get something to eat and drink and leave the stuff on the table I come back to get it latter, Okay?" with that I begin to leave when I hear, "Will you not keep me company while I eat?" I looked back at him still smiling and nod yes as I walk back in to join him. END PART 2


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