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This is just a recount of a dream I had a few years ago. So excuse the spelling and what not.

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She laid silently on the strangers cold wooden floor curled tightly in the fetal position with the warm blanket wrapped around her small, fragile frame. Her eyes clamped shut behind the dirty, fabric blindfold that forbade her the gift of vision.

"I have to go out for a couple of minutes, but I'll be back soon. I'll knock four times so you know it's me."

The male voice sounded distant and blurred, though she knew he stood not ten feet away. The door closed with a soft thud as if mindful of the small baby resting in the room beside it.

She curled up tighter now, as she became completely aware she was all alone. Her mind, a blank slate, constantly kept her body cautious of the many sounds of the hustling city just outside the stranger's window.

The apartment was, at least, on the fourth floor of a mistreated building. She could remember that much from her open eyed escape with the fragile bundle wrapped in her shaking, panicking arms.

He had found her being chased by one of those mechanical monsters the appeared everywhere her eye landed on, and quickly rushed her here to fend off the monsters.

It had been two weeks, she counted solemnly. She had spent two weeks here under the careful stranger's protection. She remembered his several attempts to keep her hidden from them.

They were already searching frantically for her. However, she didn't intend on returning, let alone making it easy for them.

The unexpected, single knock on the door came as a shock to her and she flinched in her darkness. The woolen blanket found its way to the floor beside her and she walked blindly to the door garbed in the man's oversized shirt.

She felt her way to the door, still, after all these years, uncomfortable without vision, and stopped once she felt the smooth groves carved in the cracked, wooden door.

Carefully pealing the blindfold over her soft green eyes to rest on her forehead, she blinked three times to adjust to the small glint of light the moon poured into the apartment.

She fought hard with the urge to turn her gaze towards the beauty she had never seen and slowly raised her eyes from her bare feet to the cold, brass handle her hand now turned and pulled open.

She recognized the face behind the door immediately even before the panic raced through her blood and the realization painted across her face.

They found her.

She wheeled around, ready to bold towards the room beside the door. Her motherly instincts kicked in and her only thoughts were on protecting her son.

She wouldn't allow them to lay a single, nosey hand on him. She wouldn't allow him to go through the pain she had.

The hard, painful tug on her untended, golden hair sent her flying to the floor with an agonizing scream. She felt each strand ripped away from her skull and watched them fall lifelessly to the cold floor.

Before she could place her feet and remove her hand from the pulsing pang at the back of her head, he had already raised his hand and rabidly wacked it across her tear drenched cheek.

He walked up behind her and pulled her forward with her hair so her unfocused eyes locked with his. He ignored his sense of betrayal and the ache beating along inside his chest beside his heart, and scanned the bar code tattooed on her eyelid.

Her chest heaved up and down with each breath she took. Throbbing pain in her head already creating an unimaginable headache to deal with later - if she has a later.

He lifted her body by her hair and her blurry eyes found his deep brown eyes with a painful moan. She thrashed around under his heavy frame even though she knew it was too late.

He had already scanned her code and they would be here any moment to collect her.

He dropped her carelessly to the floor, her head collided with the floor with a loud thud, and he stepped over her moaning body into the room beside the door.

He looked down at the small boy in the cot staring silently back at him. So much like his mother, he mused before quickly casting that feeling away to finish his job.

She struggled to find her balance each time she tried to stand, her eyes already fighting to stay open.

Finally standing, she turned to see him standing over her baby, ready to feed him to the hounds.

She reached out her arm and ran towards him as a desperate scream left her lips. The pair collided, sending them both to the floor, the girl onto of the boy.

Somehow, her blindfold met her eyes again, yet she did nothing to change this fact. Her hands carefully covered his eyes to prevent the inevitable as tears rabidly fell from her eyes.

They would come. And when they found her, they would find her boy.

He lay on the floor, with her on top, without moving a single muscle. Her attempts at blinding him were enough to cut off most of his vision. He felt each of her tears land on his face and listened to each sob that reached his ear.

This was enough to stop him, enough to remember how much her longed for her. He wrapped his strong arms around her body, hating himself inside for all the pain he caused her.

His arms caressed her frame and she broke. Her hands slowly slid from his eyes, down his smooth skinned face and wrapped them around his neck. The sobs and tears coming faster and heavier as she realized fighting now was completely useless.

His deep voice shushed her gently against her ear as his hands brushed her back.

"Shh... they'll be here soon. Then we can finally rest."

Her eyes lost their struggle and closed behind the blindfold. His words being the last she would hear for awhile.


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