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Time tripper

By: saraibrahim

Page 1, Human lab-rats, Time travel and a crazy doctor all conspire to make Henry disappear back in time. Will he survive on his own and get home or is he trapped where the machine takes him.

The professor smiles starkly at me though the glass putting a thumb up in the universal good job sign I return a bleak grimace but nod to show that I was ready. I swallow and glower at him when he turns away. Five grand, free tuition plus living expenses, I should’ve taken that first deal but it was way too late, not after all that has happened. I want to cry, but I won’t not in front of them and not here. No sane person would do this willingly, I was no exception, if I had the choice I would rather fight a rabid bear. I really would.

A technician wearing a lab coat pulls a lever half way down and entered a pass code and looks at the professor for direction. I think the Tec guy’s related to the Professor or being blackmailed. From what I’ve seen so far from the Dr, I’d bet the second of the two. Either way he never looked me in the eye, and I notice his right hand was severely scared. I shiver.

The professor walks over and enters the initiation code and through his special goggles gives me one final glance over his shoulder and then finally presses enter.

The lab suddenly was bathed in blinding white light, but then I realize I wasn’t in the lab any anymore. I was outside splayed out on the floor. I tried to stand but stagger then trip, falling over and vomiit all over the side of the road. My vision blurres and I fall out of consciousness as the sun begins to set. The bright orange colours are burnt into my the back of my eyes.

What felt like only moments later the sound of hooves and gruff sound of men talking wakes me. I fell myself being lifted, roughly off the ground and again I lose all conscience thought. I vaguely remember a dark beard, gloved hands and a creaky old wagon. I remember thinking the cuckoo Dr was actually right, the bastard truly sent me back in time.

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