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The Unvaliant Voyage of The Valkyrie

Short story By: Stormbird Throneshaker
Science fiction

Man sets off on his first voyage to another inhabited world only to be turned back because he is the evil seed from Eden, exiled and driven forth from his original home world to the one from which he was made, Earth!
A short sci-fi story for Katniss' First Contest!
written 01/14/2013 and submitted 01/15/2013

Submitted:Jan 15, 2013    Reads: 26    Comments: 5    Likes: 1   

On the fourth day of the seventh month in the year two thousand and sixty nine, one hundred years after man set foot on the moon, amidst a fireworks extravaganza, he took another giant leap for mankind by leaving his home world to traverse the unknowns of deep space in order to find a new second home to colonize.

They had chosen the name of Valkyrie for the first deep space star ship because the crew of a thousand would be considered the first of heroes to die if the mission was proved to be a failure.

One thousand nine hundred and one years later, on the second day of the sixth month in the year three thousand nine hundred and seventy, the crew of the Valkyrie awakened from deep sleep stabilization to find out.

The Valkyrie was shaped like the Manta or Stingray from the ocean world of Earth because of the way it maneuvered through the sea so beautifully and with grace. It wasn't engineered to land on the newly found and orbited planet of Terralon so smaller shuttles or ships would travel between the planet and the mother ship.

If they should have to fight to defend and protect themselves, they had fighter space jet interceptors made up of four squadrons.

The first of the four squadrons was dubbed the Red Team Falcons, the second was the White Team Eagles, then the third was the Blue Team Condors, and the last squadron was called, dubbed or named the Gold Team Hawks.

The captain of the Valkyrie had a smaller version of the larger vessel for exploratory and reconnaissance missions and it was dubbed the Raven or just the captain's yacht.

The emerald green planet was found to be inhabited and once informed by it's inhabitants that their world of Terralon was called Dheracina and that the earthlings were not welcome on there world because of some ancient warning made by the Dheracina race to the inhabitants of Earth that were wiped out by the flood and covered by the sands of time.

Mankind from the planet Earth was not allowed to traverse the stars because they were a cursed race.

Genesis 4:22-24

22 And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:

23 Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.

24 So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden cherubim, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.

The crew of the Valkyrie was stunned way beyond surprise when one of the Dheracina males read this to them from one of their own bibles bought along with them from Earth.

"You have all traveled here from your own system to ours, being the evil seed of the first of your kind from Eden, to which once you have all been purged of the curse against your race, and cleansed of evil, may one day return." they told the crew of the Valkyrie.

"Since we began exploring our home world we have never found the lost garden of Eden and...

"Captain, let us enlighten you before you return to your home world. Originally, your ocean planet Earth, was not your home world as you've been mislead to believe. The garden planet Eden was." the Dheracina male told the entire crew as they all listened from throughout the ship.

"Eden's a planet? Where? You're...

"Of course we shall tell you where it's always been, but you still are not allowed to return to the surface of Eden until you've all been cleansed of the curse upon your kind. And do so believe us when we tell you that Eden is well protected or shielded from the evil seed and if you should decide to make the voyage there, you shall all be destroyed. Just friendly words of advice, Captain Joseph." the Dheracinan told them.

Many years later and or once upon a time, when mans past, present, and future, all met up in one place, and was called, the end of days.

The Lord God of the heavens and all of creation had made the earth, once an uninhabited barren world, that mankind had been sent back to, or driven back to, at some time in his past, according to the biblical account of mans history.

And now, because of his continued disobedience to our Lord, the earth has been destroyed, uninhabited once again, in our present time, because mankind cared not for our Lord, his own kind, nor for his garden world, that had been his dwelling place in the universe.

Earth, which is the third planet from the sun in the Terran solar system.

The Lord God of the heavens and all of creation made Eden, once inhabited by mankind for a short span of time, but our Lord sent mankind, who had fallen into sin, out of His garden world, or Eden, and back to the earth, to till that ground from which he had been taken.

Eden is also a third planet from the sun in the Terran solar system.

Mankind was taken from the dust of the earth and placed upon the beautiful garden world of Eden, and if mankind would have only obeyed our Lord from the beginning and not another one of our Lord's creatures, he may have succeeded in the grand scheme of things in the universe. But no, he had disobeyed our Lord, and because mankind had listened to someone other than to our Lord God, he has failed in the grand scheme of things in the universe.

The earth of which mankind had originally been taken from and sent back to, now lies in ruin as it orbits the sun in the Terran solar system. The obedient righteous ones of the race of mankind are safe with our Lord God, Hallelujah.

And now, after all the centuries of preparation and lying in wait for them, should they ever make an attempt, and find us here, the disobedient unrighteous ones of the race of mankind would return to Eden, because their planet now lays desolate, and in chaotic ruin. Well, this must not happen, and why not? Because this sin filled branch of mankind has to get past us, that's why not! They may think to try and pass the flaming sword that still, to this very day, turns every which way to block their view of Eden.

Mankind has traveled to the earths moon that gave their world light in the night, and to the barren planet Mars, looking to find life. But now that the flaming sword, known only to mankind as the sun which gave them light in the day, struck out at the earth, mankind has decided to seek out a new home, but we have been given the charge to keep this sin filled branch of mankind away from the one thing that will make them eternal, and a danger to all of the heavens and creation, and it's not blood that would give them life eternal, it's a fruit, the fruit from the tree of life, that only grows upon the planet Eden.

We have a thousand years to keep them away before our Lord God recreates the heavens and the earth anew. A thousand years before the Son of our Lord God brings the righteous ones back to their newly created home world, and then destroys, once and for all, the disobedient ones, lead by the one who would take it all away from them. And he knows where Eden is, and that we wait here, in hopes that he never comes back.

Asdrazel, Head Cherubim of Eden's Guard, guarding the way to the tree of life, on the far side of the flaming sword (the sun) placed here by the God of the heavens and all that in them is, until He tells us that we are free of our charge.


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