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This is a future chapter i wrote for Obe's story 2012:UK for his Competition. I hope everyone who reads it enjoys it. And yeah, it's kind of long, but i had a great inspiration and i hope you like it Obe. :D

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Future chapter for 2012:UK. I hope i did okay. I did it from some of the main character's points of views and i added a few other characters so i hope that is okay. Enjoy! :D

It has been over nine months since my vision of aliens destroying the earth and over three months that me, my mother, and twenty four other people departed down into the shelter I made. Even so, I am still haunted by the screams and terror of that day. No one ever figured the myth about aliens to be true and I suppose if you had asked me ten months ago if I believed there was such thing as aliens, I would have told you it was a load of bull.

Ask me now and all I can tell you is that scientists and theorists were wrong. Aliens do exist. When I tried to explain it, no one would believe me except the twenty-four people from my vision. I understood that some of them were still a bit skeptical, but they were going along with my plan. Out of all the people in the world, I had been granted the chance to lead a group of people into the future. That is a lot to place on the shoulders of a seventeen year old.

So now, here I am, in a bunker I built underneath the surface, or at least what is left of the surface of the Earth. By some stroke of dumb luck, everyone down here allowed me to be a leader. Not everyone is happy about this, least of all me because I don't know the first thing about leading, but they've decided to see how things pan out.

From the people I know, there's: my mother sleeping over in a corner. She still hasn't quite come to terms with the Earth being destroyed by aliens. Spencer Reid, who was apparently studying as a doctor before everyone except those down here died. Patrick Jane, a mysterious fellow, who is an American behavioral analyst. No one knows why he was in the UK at the time of the destruction because he won't say. Then there's Cassie. She went to my school before everything went to hell. She's always been a loner, but since there aren't many people left on Earth, I think she'll have to learn to be a part of a team effort.

Everyone's sleeping now and according to my watch, it's 1:24 A.M. I'd be sleeping too, but I dream too much about things I don't want to know. I didn't want to know the Earth was going to be destroyed, but I saved twenty-six people. Who knows what else I might see. Then, there is the fact that we're running lower and lower on food every day. I'm not sure how long it will last, but eventually it will run out. It's up to me to figure out how we get more. Luckily our water supply was unlimited for the most part because I'd connected the underground water supply to the hatch. The aliens may have moved on to another planet, but I'm still wary about leaving the hatch.

There may be some aliens searching the planet for any resources they may be able to use. I have to come up with a plan before daybreak. All twenty-five people are counting on me.


Those seven hours passed by like a car on a racetrack going 350 miles per hour. Soon everyone was up and about, getting things ready for the day. Cassie was making an effort to help out and had recently joined our other cook, Marnie. I did not know much about Marnie, except for the fact that she was an amazing cook and had had a daughter living in the US. Patrick was an early riser. If he ever slept more than two hours. He sat in the corner of the bunker apparently lost in thought. A few times I saw him pull out a picture and stare at it intently, but it disappeared whenever anyone got too close in proximity with him.

Spencer had been somewhat busy the first two months. One of the younger kids, Daniel, had had his leg crushed under a piece of falling building and his brother, Courey, dragged him all the way to the hatch. So Spencer had to set the leg as best he could and constantly check on Daniel to make sure he didn't do anything to cause further damage. Now for the most part Daniel was healing and Spencer moved on to organizing what medicine we had.

Well, it was now, or never. I had to call a meeting and explain further plans of action. Whether I liked it or not, we were going to have to find out what was up on the surface and face it. It was the only way to ensure survival long enough for us to start repopulating. Now I hate that idea, probably as much as the next person, but I was chosen to lead these people and the only way humans won't go extinct, is if they-we….repopulate.

So I stood and walked to the center of the bunker where I knew everyone had a good view of me.


Spencer's POV

I'd been watching that kid, Lochan, for months now. It was hard to tell if he knew what he was doing, but my guess was he did not have a clue. Being cooked up down in this average bunker was not going to do anyone any good. I, more than anyone, wanted to know what was going on out on the Earth. The aliens had moved on and it shouldn't matter if we try to salvage now that they've left. So when Lochan stood up and began speaking, my interest piqued.

"I've made a decision." Lochan said and everyone gathered around and I moved in closer to hear. "Our food source is doing well right now, but eventually we will run out. So in order to prevent any turmoil which will come from arguing when the food is gone, I'm going up to the surface in search of more." He waited, watching us to see what we thought.

Everyone burst into a frenzy of speaking. Except me. "I'll go with you."

That made the group go silent. Lochan looked at me. "Spencer, you're the only doctor we have. If there is something up there and you get hurt-"

I interrupted him. "All the more reason for me to come along. If one of you gets hurt, you'll need a doctor. I'm coming." I was determined. I hated how Lochan always referred to everyone by their first name instead of calling me Mr. but as long as he was allowing me to come along, I suppose I could learn to deal with it.

Lochan nodded saying no more to me. "Anyone else?"

I glanced around to see if anyone else volunteered. The voice came from behind me. Patrick Jane. "I'm in."

I didn't quite trust the fellow, but I wasn't going to drop out just because he was going. Lochan nodded.

"Me too." It was a sweet voice from the girl who barely spoke, Cassie. She was a troublemaker, I was sure of it.

"Lochie, I'm coming too if you're going. I won't let you go by yourself." It was Lochan's mother…Tanya, I think it was.

Lochan stepped towards his mother, addressing her. "No, mom. I need you to stay here and help the others. Watch over them while I'm gone." Tanya looked like she was about to protest but something on Lochan's face made her stop.

He turned back to the group. "Ok, get a few packs ready. We're leaving in an hour." So together we made up a team of four. I hope it was enough to handle whatever was out there.


Cassie's POV

This was a great chance to get to know Spencer and Lochie better. And the perfect way to keep and eye on Patrick. If he was going, so was I. I didn't trust him at all. There was something suspicious about him and I was the only one with any chance of taking him on if he tried anything funny.

Sure Spencer was just about as big as him, but there wasn't much violence in his heart. And Lochie, well, let's face it, his mind is always somewhere way out in the oblivion. I've taken Karate for years and was about to earn my black belt before everything went to hell.

It was strange getting to go out into the wind and fresh air again when each of us four left the hatch. However, the sight was less than pleasant: The sky was darkened with smoke from buildings even though it was the early hours of the day. Bodies littered the streets and practically everything lay in rubble. It was a sad sight to see. The day it all happened, everything had seemed so peaceful and good and then suddenly it wasn't anymore.

Lochie closed the hatch, locking it, so no one would get curious and peer out. "Is this all there is left?" I asked desperately hoping for an encouraging answer that it wasn't. No one said anything.

"Let's head to the square. That's where most of the buildings are…were which housed food and supplies. We might be able to locate something there." Lochie said all leader-like.

So we made our way to the square only to find that two of the largest buildings were blocking our pathway. Patrick heaved an exasperated sigh then spoke. "I think it might be a good idea for us to split up. We can cover more ground faster that way and maybe one of us will find something."

I panicked for a second. There was no way I was letting Patrick out of my sight, or heading off on my own. I spoke up. "We don't even know what's out here. There could be some way the aliens are still watching Earth for any signs of leftover life."

Everyone looked at me. Spencer and Lochie seemed to agree with me, but Patrick narrowed his eyes angrily. "Well if they believe they've destroyed all life, why would they continue to watch Earth. Besides they have moved on to another planet. They don't even know twenty-six humans remain."

"Still, it might be safer if we travel in pairs. It isn't easy to watch out for danger and search out supplies by yourself." Patrick huffed.

"I agree. Pairs would be safest." Lochie supported me. "Even if there aren't any aliens out there, if someone gets hurt, it would be helpful to have another person to help you."

"I'll take Patrick and-"

I cut Lochie off quickly. "I'll go with Patrick. Spencer may be of more help to you. Plus I don't really like him." I added trying to cover up what I was doing. Really I had nothing against Spencer.

Spencer glared at me, but Lochie just nodded. He seemed to be doing a lot of that lately.


Patrick's POV

When that kid, Lochan, provided me with a chance to go out and find out if the man I was searching for was truly dead, I took it. I thought I could get away on my own, but then that fu**ing girl had to go and make us break off into pairs. I was afraid she might start talking my ear off, but surprisingly enough, she was extremely quiet.

I didn't know many people down in the hatch, but I'd seen her around. For the most part, she was a loner like me. I never caught her name. Being a behavioral analyst, I should have paid more attention, but at the time, I hadn't really cared. Now we were walking down the least devastated street we could come across. It was easy to access and a great place to slip away from her.

Every home we passed that had at least some semblance of a framed structure, we walked into and searched. In all, there wasn't that much: some clothing, a few cans of food and some moldy bread, and a few rotting, melted corpses.

"So what's your name? I never caught it." I asked. The girl glanced at me with a surprised look. She obviously hadn't expected me to speak.

She recovered a serious facial expression. "Cassie." Then she went to glancing from side to side again. I went silent. "So what's your story?"

This time, it was her turn to surprise me. I hadn't told anyone my story, and I wasn't about to tell her. So I lied. "I came from the states to help out on a friend of mine's case." After all, no one was here to confirm or deny what I said.

"What kind of case?" I hoped the questions wouldn't keep coming.

"We were tracking a murderer." I guess that was partly truthful. I had been tracking a killer, just by myself and no one knew about it.

Cassie nodded, then dropped the subject thankfully. We walked along the debris rotten roads until we came to a brick shop with a broken front window. The sign said, "Court's Market." Cassie and I entered carefully. Since there were two floors, I volunteered to search the bottom. Cassie had no choice but to head upstairs.


Lochan's POV

Spencer and I could see no way of climbing safely over the fallen buildings into the square, so he suggested we try to find a way around the rubble. Eventually we found a small opening between the top of one of the fallen buildings and it's bottom half, still in the ground. We had to take off our packs to fit through and it was a little tight for Spencer who was slightly buff for a doctor, but we made it.

What we found was devastating. A large crater had been blown in what once had been the city square. Pieces of cars, shops, food, and other things lay strewn everywhere.

"Should we try to cross it?" Spencer asked me.

My imagination ran wild as I explored all the possible ways to handle this situation. Some of them I couldn't distinguish between what would actually work and what could only happen in movies. "No. I think we should try to go around it." I said trying to shut my mind off and stay calm. The crater was 100 or so feet deep and whether you like heights or not, that is a huge fall. On the right side of the crater, we stopped to search what was left of a large building that had been the fire station. Spencer kept asking me what things were, because apparently he didn't know and I was calmly answering him.

Then suddenly I heard, "What's this do?" I turned to see Spencer touching some machine with a large button. It looked like bad news.

"Wait! No, Spencer! Don't!" I was too late. He pushed the button in and loud sirens started blazing. Spencer jumped back.

"Shit! Where's that coming from?! Turn it off!" I tried to yell at Spencer over the sirens.

Spencer looked around frantically. "I don't know! It sounds like from everywhere!" He tried smashing the machine, but the sirens didn't stop.

"We have to get out of here! The noise will draw attention and if we're still here, the aliens may find us!" Spencer and I made a break for it. We made it barely a block away before we saw the first alien ship in the sky. Quickly I ducked into the nearest building with Spencer following me. This was not good. "We have to find Cassie and Patrick." I said to Spencer before quietly moving to see through the rubble at where Spencer and I had just ran from.

The alien ship was searching over the area with a ray of blue light that came out of the ship. Satisfied that there was nothing there, I saw a bright light and then the sirens stopped. The aliens had shot whatever had been creating the noise.


Cassie's POV

I was searching around the upstairs of the market for anything useful even though I had really wanted to be on the main floor so I'd know where Patrick was. "There isn't much left up here. It's all a bunch of rubble." I yelled downstairs to Patrick. There was no reply.

"Patrick!" I called. Still nothing.

I took a few steps toward the stairs, then jumped as a loud siren began. And it didn't stop either. I covered my ears. It was real loud.

"Patrick!" I screamed over the siren, running down the stairs and out the front of the market. Patrick was standing in the middle of the street staring in the direction of the noise. I almost sighed in relief at seeing him still here, then remembered the siren.

"What is that?" I asked/shouted.

I glanced at Patrick. "Bad news."

He grasped my wrist and yanked me back into the market just as an alien ship flew overhead. I prayed to God that it hadn't seen us.

Patrick looked straight at me with steady eyes. "We have to get back to the hatch."

I couldn't believe him. He wanted to leave Spencer, our only doctor by the way, and Lochan out there to die. "What! We can't just leave Spencer and Lochan out there." I was yelling so Patrick could hear me over the sirens.

"Do you want to get caught by the aliens?" Patrick asked me angrily.

I was about to reply when suddenly the sirens cut off. We glanced at each other, then I said, "We're going to go find them, and then we'll go back to the hatch."

Patrick said nothing to me the whole way to the square. He only kept glancing around for signs of the alien ship and pulled me into cover whenever he heard something suspicious. In fact, if it hadn't been for Patrick, we may never have realized we were crossing paths with Spencer and Lochan.

Patrick had suddenly grasped my upper arm and yanked me into the cover of two collapsed buildings. I waited to see or hear an airship go by, but nothing happened. I looked at Patrick.

"What-" He shushed me. Then I saw, Spencer and Lochan quickly dart down the other side of the street. I walked out. "Lochie!" I whisper yelled.

Lochan turned and stopped moving when he caught sight of me. Then he and Spencer quickly came over. "Did you guys hear that siren?" Patrick asked.

Lochan nodded. "Yeah, it was caused by some kind of machine. I don't know exactly what it was." Spencer glanced at him. I noticed the look. Lochan was leaving something out, but I didn't bring it up.

"What are we supposed to do now?" I asked.

Lochan spoke, "We can't go back to the hatch. It's too close to the square. With the alien ship patrolling around that area, we would end up endangering everyone down in the hatch."

"So in other words, we're stuck up here until everything calms down?" Spencer asked.

"If it calms down. We have a big problem on our hands guys." Patrick said dangerously. I didn't very much appreciate his point.

"So all we have to do is stay out of sight until the probe is satisfied that there is no life on Earth." I said as if it should be easy enough.

"We should find a good hiding place." Lochan said.

That was all I needed to hear.


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