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Just a random little thing I made for a friend of mine a while ago. Someone suggested I post it, so... Here you go.

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In the decade between 2010 and 2020, there was a large, glamorous city to rival that of the ancient Greeks in beauty and culture. It was officially named Bohaté Město, which translated to literally mean Rich City from the Czech language, but to nearly everyone outside the architectural domain, it was simply called Fiore.

Fiore was the epicenter of culture, wealth, and knowledge in its prime. Its vast boundaries expanded at an incredibly fast pace, until it was nearly twice the size of its neighbor, New York City. This glittering city of splendor was an experiment designed by the United Nations government to test the theory of a utopia, a perfect city. For the entirety of the decade, Fiore was the epitome of perfection, with massive city wealth, and unrivaled power unto itself. Unfortunately, it was this expansive power and territory that lead to its rapid downfall.

In the year 2021, law enforcement reported an exponential growth in the development of gangs, and increased violence of the gangs among themselves, also between them and non-gang citizens. By 2022, more than a third of the city's population had been killed off due to the violence, and all of the surviving citizens either belonged to one of the many gangs, or worked for the law enforcement in some way.

When 2023's New Year's Eve celebration was launched, fireworks were not the source of the sparks flying. The United Nations, having watching with growing horror at the escalating murder rate within Fiore, decided to terminate the experiment at last. For the first three months, ambassadors were sent into the city, hoping to make peaceful negotiations, but when none of the fourteen ambassadors returned, the United Nations declared them legally dead, and set on a more drastic path or termination.

December 13th, 2023, nuclear missiles were engaged to take out all of Fiore.

When the bombs hit, the reinforced building structures held, having been designed to withstand such an attack, and as a result, many of the lives within the city were saved when they would have otherwise been wiped out. Those who were underground or near the outskirts of Fiore were the ones who mainly survived, though a few lived through the blast due to the twisting network of back alleys in the gang-controlled territories.

To shorten a long, tragic history of the city after the bombing, it took nearly four years for the radiation to finally die off to a level that did not kill human beings within hours, though there still remained to be radiation at gene-mutating levels. Those who returned to the city, or moved into the city after those four years, experienced mutations ranging from mild, such as eyes changing colors or hair growing where it shouldn't, to indescribably horrifying, by way of their entire bodies changing into large, unidentifiable monsters one normally only hears about in spook stories. The city still held its common name, Fiore, but the official name was changed to Město Ruinách, the City of Ruins.

By 2029, the city is nothing now but a mass of broken, crumbling buildings. The streets are littered with dead or dying bodies, most mutated and mutilated beyond recognition. In the city that once personified perfection, there is nothing now but unending grief and pain; it is a place where "Survival of the fittest" is not just a saying, but a way of life.


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