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Occasionally kooky

By: tht1bakaauthor

Page 1, This is a dream I had. If you can interpret it I\'d be very thankful. I did have a tad bit of a hard time writing it. However I felt like sharing it. Enjoy!

I woke feeling like I woke from a deep slumber. I felt weighed down and strange. My room was unnaturally bright, or better put brighter than usual. I sat up, and immediately looked out the window. I started reminiscing about my stepsister and her children moving out. It felt strange to me, and the atmosphere. It felt so surreal, but something seemed odd. As I stared out the window... I swore to you I saw me. I was moving around, I had on my High School 's hoodie on. I knew this because I saw my schools emblem. I turned around after a while. At first I didn’t see anything unusual. But, I looked down, and there I was. I was laying face down one arm hanging off the bed, limp. I instantly knew that I was dead. I thought to myself, “I must have suffocated and that my mother would be saddened to see this.” I thought about her reaction, and without another thought. I tried to re-enter my own body, again.

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