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Black Hearts (C) 2013

Book By: Alex Sharpe
Song lyrics

Alex Sharpe's Song Book

Alex Sharpe's Song Book.
!ATTENTION! -- All of the work/creations that you are about to read are Copyright under the United States Federal Government and, unless otherwise, may not be reproduced. (Max Fine = 1,000 Dollars). (C) 2007 - 2013 by Alex Sharpe

Hurricane (C) 2007 (Rock/Soft-Rock/Pop)
Morning Mourning (C) 2009 (Soft-Rock/Pop)
Treaty of the End (C) 2011 (Hardcore Rock)
Omniscient Hearts (C) 2012 (Green Day Styled Punk Rock)
Wired-Love (C) 2013 (Rap/Hip-Hop)
Black Hearts (C) 2013 (Green Day Styled Punk Rock)

"Black Hearts" (C) 2013 -- (Green Day Styled Album) -- The main story behind this album, is the main character is dealing with emotional distraught as he has fallen in love with two girls. He chooses to be with one and gives up everything to be with her instead of the other girl, but then she gets sick with cancer and dies.

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1. BLACK HEARTS (Black Hearts)

Casey don't you go,

No leave me on the line

Casey don't you get thrown

Go through the field of your own time

Leave me alone hanging on the line

You're just another dream inside my head

You seem so dead

Where am I headed?

Well forget it!

It's well past overdue

Not to regret it

All these night when we were young

We were strung up, a little fucked up

Casey don't you go alone, no

Leave me all alone on the line

Well you said I cannot take the time

To take back everything that I said

Well you said I cannot take the time

My black heart's bleeding down the line

You're bleeding me dry

My heart's not a tool you fuck!

It's in pieces

It's in recess

It's impossible to recuss… --itation

Confiscation, Liberation

Of everything I've ever seen so far and my soul

Jenny here you are again

So far away

So far away

Terrified of everything you've seen so far

My black heart bleeds out to the sound

My black heart bleeds to another name

Domination of another race

In a land far away in another place and time

I try to talk to you, but all I get from you is a walk away

Keep it put away in your pants, like a dying flame

Why is it so hard?

You struggle to keep it in

Whatever happened? I miss your kisses

Why do you hate me?

Casey you do not want to meet me?

You are not who you really are

Are you really here?

I gave my life to you

Everything I did was in your thought

You were all that I wanted

Now I'm all distraught

One mistake was really all it took

Was it worth it?

Pain and gain is not in shame

And it never felt the same

All drained of an empty life

My black heart is bleeding down

To another place and time

In a rift between life and death

And looks and desires

All surrounded by water and fire

But I guess you were my enemy

Who I never noticed before

Do you really not care at all?

Do you really not care at all?

Do you really feel any pain?

And when the rain comes do you?

Crystal pop and nicotine

But I always had to refrain

Bath tubs and empty drains

Where my misery rests

Everything I said was right

We were never meant to fight

Was it last night?

Or the other day?

Were we even in the fight?

Were you overrated? Overheated?

Or you had hated me but that's all right

In the past I tried to retry

Ashing myself into life's ash tray

Will you dance with me?

One day

Or take a victory?

I sat down here with you once upon a time

In this brand new living room where my family has all but died

Nothing is the same, I left my real family behind, I've gone insane

Sadness overwhelms me and I just cannot


I call Casey up and tell her I need a sense of relief

She says she's torn up and thrown

She says she's giving up on everything she's ever known

I think back to that night out on the pier

We had nothing to cry about and nothing to fear

Casey comes without any shame

Is it all a game?

I sit in my own shame

Not gaining any pain or gain

I try to stick with her but she forgets my name

It's my own shame

I cannot tame

I try to relive

But it's not the same


Well you're pissing me off

Why don't you just shut the fuck up

Everything will be all right

Chasing your own guiding light

Well, Casey, don't you know?

I'm a sad fucked up pessimistic pedophilic madness machine

Well you're pissing me off

Did you look that far?

Do you look at what you really are?

Or do you only try to go so far?


I'm so ready

Today is the day

Liberation strikes

We are going to take back everything we are

If it takes so long

Is it the way that we're going?

Is it right or so wrong?

Look at me I'm fucked

Rainy days and thunder storms

That's all I've known

My black heart is bleeding down


I heard the riots in the streets today

I got sucker punched right in the face

By someone out of their mind

If that's so difficult

Where the fuck am I?

Tactical nukes and arms relief

Pissing off another planet

To it's very own state of mind

But Jimmy's ghost had told me the other day

He said that we would never stay

Maybe he will come back in another form or another way

Maybe he's coming back

He's straight in the wrong kind of mind

But maybe it's just a hunch

Oh what can I do for all of the

Girls and boys of that other planet or

Another world

It takes me back to the riots on the streets

Where the children run and play

Smoking fine cigars and playing poker all day

If I, If I, If I take it all day

Will you stay here with me?

Well Casey you are my soul

My heart and everything I know

And I forget now that I'll never be yours again

I will never be the same

Again, Well Jenny is fine

But you I prefer in the right of mind

There isn't anyone else out there like you

Time and time again I know

Princesses and pixies and fucktards never

Mixed so well before

Well I've never been with you like this before

Jenny I told you, you're not getting anywhere

I've never seen this before

(You're such a whore!)

Well I still love you and everything

Even though You're such a whore I don't know

3. CENTURY GIRL (Black Hearts) (Single)

I can only see for

About a mile

They make me smile

While others aim at making me

Fail and to keep me insane

Well mother what I told you

Was not Ok

And I think I lied in every-single word that I said

Surreal flames and burning names

I cannot believe

That this is something to my heart's desire

So can I be thrown

Thrown so far away

Into the trash

I think I'm developing a rash

From an incredible car crash

And burn which I will never ever

Recover from

Time is ticking away

Why did you have to burn up

And die in the flames

The radio is everything but clear

When I'm with you for a minute, Jenny, It's like being with you forever

You're weak and you're cold

Away with me you will stay

Until we both grown old

Against the century

I will not go home

Without you in my arms

I will not go downward

As I fall into your arms

With another day to go by and by

You're a century girl

And with me you'll stay

You're as weak as you are cold

But you always know the right thing to say

I can't believe it ends this way

Jenny, I don't know

Where we are going or why

But if it feels right

To me and you we'll make the night

Over control my mind


4. A NEW AGE (Black Hearts)

It's a new age,

The dawning of my mind

From another present in time

Comes life

I hate everything around me, I see

But you don't know my life

I got a headache from my past

It's full of fails

I know whatever I do cannot last

We're full of hate and tears

I got a heartthrob for the rest of my entire God-damn life

All it takes is to all and all realize

That we can take it all in stride

I cannot become my own person

I got to take it one step at a time

It's my life and I realize that

It's my last and best resort, my

Very last sentence, I am free with no bail


5. HERO'S BLOOD (Black Hearts)


6. TUNE OF THE DAMNED (Black Hearts)




8. BLEEDING DOWN (Black Hearts)


9. LINE OF FIRE (Black Hearts) (Single)

Here we are

Our regrets are all but gone

We sit here

Waiting for our times to come

Replacing our sadness with memories

Echoes of the past, you're very blue

And well, I, wish I could've done more with you

You're laying there, expecting the world

Your life is draining, how sour the sound

Your eyes are cried dry

Your life is leaving, slowly, draining away from your body and mind

And you can't take much more

I was not expecting this tragedy

Your sickness is true and I cannot deceive or believe you

Are lying on your death-bed at your age

It makes me think what about me too

But it just makes me wonder

In the line of fire

Where your life is at bay

When you're slipping away

You're tired of life and with every day

Comes and goes and you get so tired

And you're about to slip away

And you just can't wait another day

As you try to stay awake

I can see the darkness in your eyes

As you try to smile

What's left of a flame that is still burning in thiem

Is burning down to the wick

I hold your hand as you struggle to breathe

As I just about can't take much more

I pray and pray but with every second

Your life is ticking away

I should've done more

I should've been nicer

When I had the chance

I should never have left you for that other girl

It was all a big mistake

Now here you are, sick to the bone

Dying right in front of me

How much could I say that I love you

How much would it take to make you feel better?

Even if this sickness is terminal

Maybe my words could heal your soul

Before you go

In the line of fire

Where you at your life

When you're slipping away

In the line of fire

You look at me

And stare into my eyes

As you slowly start slipping away

10. REST IN PIECES (Black Hearts)


11. RESISTANCE (Black Hearts) (Single)

I sit here dreaming

While everyone is thinking

Why are you no longer here with me?

As my hopes and memories

Bleed all over the floor

Guns and roses

Shoes and Jackets

It rains as it snows

One by one

Grab a torch and light a fire

As a spirit you will be with me

As we reach higher and higher

And the pride overwhelms our victory

Away from our homes

Where our hearts cannot split apart

I'm not a mess anymore

I'm a wreck to dawn's dearest dreams of decor

Ever since we lost the war

But we started another fight

If I can't talk to you tomorrow

Will you be with me there in sorrow?

My very soul has become colder

So dark and hollow

(Where am I to go?)

Rain drains on my soul and

I cannot recall

My life is taking Its toll

(Where the fuck am I to go?!)


Yeah I am here what the fuck

Do you want from me

Where the fuck can I be free?

I told you I wanted to be free

Your soul has merged with mine

Just about the same time as in life

Comes only a death

Rage and love

Getting' baked on 420

While getting cooked by the sun

I feel like a number one


12. 21st DAMNED STREET (Black Hearts) (Single)

I am still here

I've been down this road before

Too much to know good

I sit here thinking

My soul is very slowly sinking

Past the tides in which we all run from

As I walk this lonely road

One last damned time

The ways that

All of us can recall

They call my name in the shadows

The way their voices rattle

Torn and scarred from this battle


But I am still here

I'm fallin'

As everyone is calling

My name not to fall down into

This deep, grey dark rift

Right between heaven and hell

As I die without their respect

The way that the fire burns

Through the empty field at night

I'm still here

I've bled before

I'm still here waiting

As my future fades

Cancer. You are my reminder

You killed the love of all my many lives

And I can't, I can't take you here

To this road in where I walk again

I head

I hit it head on

Fearing everything

As I go on my way

Darkness falls and in the beyond

It's all around me, it's covering ground

Hopeless hopeless in my mind and

No one is there

They've walked away. In silence

Breaking. Everything is breaking

Fucked in memories making their last mark

Taking. They're taking everything

Chaos and sense of control lost one last

Fucking time

Shattering. My soul is shattering

Damned to it if I know. Then with

Death comes life

(I am still here)

I am still here

(I am still here)

(I am still here)

I am still here once more

Alive and doomed to Earth

13. TYRANNY ON THE LEADER (Black Hearts) (Single)

Fuck my misery

Epic dawning mood out on

All my enemies


Break out of the static age

Into a better way

Reach through the blank screen

And dominate the air ways

Fucking mindless is all I can take

Well I can't take it anymore

Purple oceans full of lost loved-one's blood

Slowly turning black

Draining down into infinity

What the fuck happened to serenity?

Am I this one soul that is shining?

Out of all the others they are blind and

We got to take, take, take it out

Take it out on the leader

He's nothing but he's much meaner

Than anything else

You got to take, take, take it out on

The leader

Well it's not much but you to feed

Her. Maybe that or beat her. Or maybe not

Because I know something that

Even nigga's and senioritas don't


(Clack) (Clack) Clack out of continuum

Bearded cross-dressers are Ok

If you're into that kind of shit

But if you are another person

Just another normal person

Man you got to just rebel

Tyranny on the leader

Tyranny on the leader

How about I be your leader?

Tyranny on the leader

How would you like to see it

How about I be your leader?

Why is this nation so serious?

I got a virus it's in my blood

It's causing my blind eyes to shut

I guess I got to kick it the ass

Settle, settle. Settle, settle.

(Man calm the fuck down!)


I got a virus it's blinding me

In my head

It's causing my blind eyes to shut

Once and for all. I guess I just

Got to settle



And calm the fuck down

14. WHAT THE FUCK? (Black Hearts)


15. BLEED-OUT (Black Hearts) (Single)

I can hear the sounds of victory

Dori flips her hair to eternity

What the fuck am I? How did I get here?

Follow my leader to another scary defeater

Tonight. Tonight we carry on. Our faith

Is a broken bomb

With no one to go home with. I put my faith in

The crystal meth

Have I been here

Since your death

Waiting for what?

I'm waiting for nothing But you

Had better find your way to something

I put my faith in the crystal meth

Have I been here since your death?

Wasting every-single breath?

Knowing who's the best got my name to

Follow by you as you make tomorrow

All but worth the fight

Are we in the light?

What can I see in my sight besides?

What is this fight that I reside?

The world is turnin', my soul is burnin'

In the underground

Bleed-out as a nameless number knows

Why in death does life show?

In the ways that I

Bleed-out as a nameless number knows

Why in death does our life first show

In all but on way

I just have to say

What I believe is true

I can't think this through

Blood loss and regeneration

We will have to unify this nation

Over controlled mass out of control

Where they go I do not know

Who the fuck am I to know?

Blood loss and regeneration

Doomed old masses of this nation

Because I am here not dead

(The way that I)

I feel like I can't die

(I don't care)

I don't give a fuck if you don't see

All your thoughts and information are already free

(I've been waiting here for this. I did not believe this time would come. We took four days under the sun. While we rotted, you were reminding me of someone)


This is the new republic of a newer age

Out of static comes the modern age

An era where techno dreams

All rest inside my head

All there unclear voices

Mixed by modern day machines and computers

They are driving me insane

Crazy to the bone I cannot think

They drive me crazy anyways

And amplified cascading down and fried

After all we are all human

We cannot risk our home

To fall down into a new dawn

Well if I think this is the way

I better be bleed-out now

And if you can't believe my name

We had all just better bleed-out now


I can hear them singing out

I rock out to their name and I

I turned around to be only scared by old scary dreams

And out comes my miseries, all the re-written histories

Scary dawning of a new age classified

Doomed and scarred down all but unified

Not much else to think about but how you died

Scary dawning of a new age, ways too much to think about

I can see the darkness in my own eyes

The lord came without any name

I've been thinking about you again and again

Since the last time we ran


Thank you!


Thank you!


Fucking thank you!

We're here it's all that matters now

We're here we're not meant to know why


I can hear them saying my name

They're bleeding out

(I) I can hear them yelling it now

Ever so quietly my black heart bleeds out

To the sound

Bleed-out as a nameless number knows

Why in death does our life first show

In all but one way


I can hear them singing out. All.

All night I hear them calling out so loud

Well if I think about it in this way

Well if you think about it

Well if we think about it

It'll be like we're all on the ground

With a bullet to the heart and

We're just bleedin' out

It'll be like we're all on the ground

Last of the victors all but gone so wrong

Calling out our names as they hold the guns to our heads

Saying our last words as we fall down to the Earth and


16. PLASTIC HEART (Black Hearts)


17. ORGASMIC CENTURY (Black Hearts)


18. THERE IS NO END (Black Hearts)


19. ON THE PEDESTAL (Black Hearts)


20. BROADCAST (Black Hearts)


21. LIBERATION (Black Hearts)


22. GOODBYE (Black Hearts) (Single)



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