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my life in the world

By: pathofhate4ever

Page 1, just a song i wrote in 5 grade im in 7 grade now

                                                            my life is like the world spinning always turning in another direction

                                                              i never get to stop and stay for a while cause i cant stop turning

                                                               i cry all night because my friends are gone

                                                                i read books and give you dirty looks

                                                                  cant speand a day on the same book ]

                                                                       im done because my worlds stuck                                                                      

                                                                    i need someone to stay with me

                                                                 and sturn around the stars with me

                                                              someone who can save me from drowning in my drought

                                                       from crying out my tears from dying in blood and hate

                                                                from spending days lying in wait i dont understand why i cant stay even if my life in misbehaving

                                                            cant you help stop the pain i have been given the pain that i cant forget

                                                          the fact that you hurt my heart you crushed my dreams ]

                                                    i need to get some help and before its to late

                                                         to late for you to stay

                                                                i know that you wont come

                                                               because im crazy

                                                        i cant sleep without meeting you

                                                            my dream guy that i see

                                                       i need to get someone before i cant stand to live i need some help fast


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