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Don't Go, Come Back

By: Rayvenne

Page 1, This is a song i made. I hope u like it.

Where I am

And where you are

Is just too far I don't know I

f I could take this any longer

I can't take another day without you here

Boy, you change my life

Don't go, come back

I can't wait here alone

You are so near But, you aren't here

Don't go, come back

I can't stay here waiting for you

I need you back by my side

Boy come back

I can't wait here for you

Boy come back I love you so

Come back and don't you go

Don't go anywhere

Stay here

Don't move

I'll be right back for you

I'm coming for you

Don't go

Don't leave

Just come back here

To be with me

Don't go so far away, baba

I need you here with me

Come here

Don't go

I just wanna see your face

Please don't go

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