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Rockin' & Sleepin'

By: Juli Monat

Page 1, Only a Rock & Roll song.

Rockin' and Sleepin'

I was sleeping, and dreaming

On how to be,

Rich in the nude...Dude!

Then, you called, wanting to talk

I sang to you,


Rock about, Rock music,

Cry about, Soul misic,

Sing about, Rock music


Honey! It's 4AM...No more, M&M's,

Control, baby, control,

That's what you need...To play my beat!

Dream of the beach,

Is there for you...Tan all you, do-doo,


I'll sing it again,

Rock about, Rock music,

Cry about, Soul music,

Sing about, Rock music,


Calling me out again,


Long distance call, Are you in pain?

Querida! I live in Florida! Bora Bora!

Call Ted Lane, is your lover, name,

I saw you both,

Kissing, under the rain, Meat brain!


Here I go,

Shout about, Rock music,

Play about, Rock music,

Lame about, Rock music,

I sleep about,

Rock music, Rock music.

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