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OMG -- Where did you come from?

By: LeonGower

Page 1, Written for my wife.

i'm not good with music but i was thinking A F E... G G G F# G...A# BBCC#...BCC#...CC#GC#... so much easier to just pluck the strings on an old guitar and make her laugh.


Oh my god -low

Where did you come from? -high

you blow me away -low

when you say -low

that you love me. -high


Follow me home -low

You can stay with me -high

develop a style -low

that is wild - low

and we'll be free - hight


I'm with you -low

Feelings are all knew. -high

You make me expore -low

I need more -low

cause i crave you -high


Can't you see -low

See hat I want you -high

You know it's all ways -low

All ways been - low

Just about you - high


Oh my god -low

You will be with me - high

wwe're gonna explore - low

always more - low

cause i love you. - high


Oh my god - low

where did you come from? - high

You blow me away - low

when you say - low

that you love me. - high

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