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sixteen moons, seventeen moons

By: scully23

Page 1, a love song, about fears, going dark going light, or in between.

Sixteen Moons

Sixteen moons, Sixteen years

Sixteen of your deepest fears,

Sixteen times you dreamed my tears,

Falling, falling through the years….


Sixteen moons, sixteen years,

Sound of thunder in your ears

Sixteen miles before she nears

Sixteen seeks what sixteen fears….


Sixteen moons, sixteen years,

Sixteen times you dreamed my fears,

Sixteen will try to bind the spheres,

Sixteen screams but just one hears….


Sixteen moons, sixteen years,

The claiming moon, the hour nears,

In these pages Darkness clears,

Powers binds what fire sears…..


Sixteenth moon, sixteenth year,

Now has come the day you fear,

Claim or be claimed,

Shed blood, shed tear,

Moon or sun – destroy, revere.


Seventeen moons, seventeen years,

Eyes where dark or light appears,

Gold for yes, green for no,

Seventeen the last to know…..


Seventeen moons, seventeen years,

Eyes so dark and bright it burns,

Time is high, but one is higher

Draws the moon into the fire….


Seventeen moons, seventeen fears,

Pain and death and shame of tears,

Find the marker, walk the mile,

Seventeen knows just exile….


Seventeen moons, seventeen spheres,

The moon before her time appears,

Hearts will go and stars will follow,

One is broken, one is hollow….


Seventeen moons, seventeen years,

Know the loss, stay the fears,

Wait for him and he appears,

Seventeen moons, seventeen tears…..


Eighteen moons, eighteen spheres,

From the world beyond the years,

One unchosen, death or birth,

A broken day awaits the earth….

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