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we are gunna rock it out :)

By: scully23

Page 1, this is a song i wrote for my best friend gabby she is a sweet...... and i love her but she happened to have broken up with her BF a month ago but i forgot to post it bfre hand so i said why not now

Were gunna rock it out

Love is just word                                                Oh honey I have you…

One silly little word                                         Was gunna rock it out

But baby I love you                                             

Even if it’s true                                                  baby your mine

                                                                                      honey your mine

Oh honey I want you                                            your all MINE                                          

Oh baby I need you …                                             

Oh honey I have you …                                          

Were gunna rock it out…                                             you belong to me

                                                                                       Every part of you                                      

I love hangin’ out                                              every part of me                                                                              

Even if there’s is doubt                                                                     

Baby I love you

Even if its true


Oh honey I want you…

Oh baby I need you…

Oh honey I have you…

Were gunna rock it out…                                                                         

Baby cant you hear me                                               

I want you near me                                                                

Baby I love you

Even if its true

Oh honey I want you…

Oh baby I need you…            

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