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Black Hearts, Dried Tears

By: aurorablack

Page 1, I wrote this song when I was 10, so don\'t expect much from it.

Verse 1
Eyes stare, a thousand places.
Your heart was locked, I had the key.
The temperature, in the rooms getting colder.
I don’t know why, but the world’s spinning in the opposite direction.


This song is for
You and me.
I don’t understand its so|
Easy to see
Your eyes stare into mine
And the world stops
While our hearts are beating in time
You’ll have your wisdom
And I’ll have my black hearts and dried tears.

Verse 2

The clouds are forming
And your listening to
The sound of the thunder
And the rain pouring down.
I would walk a thousand miles
Just to see you smile
I’d love to see
Just what you would do
When I stare at you
From across the hall.


When the world stops I’ll be there
When time freezes
I’ll be right here
I’d wait a thousand days
Until I hear you say


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