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I don't want to die like you

By: coolkatz0

Page 1, A poem i wrote today at school about my fate and my great uncles fate. My great uncle died from cancer around 5 years ago next month and it may sound rude, but i stayed up all night last night crying, terrified that i might die the way he did. So i wrote this

I don't want to die the way that you did

slowly being drained by all the drips

Hooked up on an endless amount of machines

i want to be with my friends, laughing with a gleam in my eye

i want to be talking and having fun with my friends

i want to be laughing, completely oblivious that for me, it's the end

i won't cry

on the day that i'll die

i won't know much

but i know it won't go slow

it will soon be over

because i dont want to die like you

it may sound horrible, but it's true

i don't want to lay in a hospital bed

waiting, waiting

for the day they announce me to bedead

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