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By: dynamic12

Page 1, Its a Lyrical Love Poem/song.



You’ve set my heart on fire

You’ve fanned a new desire

It’s going only higher & higher

Now it’s ever so strong,

I promise you baby

I’ll never go wrong


Now call me close to you

Now let me hold you in my arms

How different seem every hue

For I’m victim of your charm.


O! I see it’s your beauty divine

That’s taking me higher on cloud number nine.

O! I see it’s your body so fine

That’s making me want you

And make you just mine.


Can I caress you there?

Can I hold you through the line?

Now I’ll steal the fragrance from your hair

And dance with you throughout the night.

You’ve got the drawing power

You’ve made me your dreamy lover

Now my heart is under your spell

How can it be free? No one can tell.


Wanna taste your lips sweet flavour

Wanna live like this forever

Now I’m gonna lost in your lovely eyes

’Cause you’re the charmer in disguise

See even stars have lost their might

For nothing seems brighter

Just you and your light.

You are my soul,

You are my all.


Can you see the beauty?

Can you see the beauty?

Can you see the beauty?

It’s sultry, sultry!

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