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Your Gone ((But in the heart you will remain))

By: elizabethannmoore

Page 1, I\'ve cried until there was nothing left No More Tears To Shed And Now My body Feels So numb, Hallow And Cold Just like my heart. Theres Never Any Glory When You Have To lose The One Closest To You And THe Worst Feeling To Have Is Not being able to say goodbye, And Then You Are Stuck With THe Questions Of Why, No Answers To Be Found And Its Always The Hardest When you Wish You Could See Your Best Friend For That Final Goodbye. -Music Break- -Chorus A- Oooh Whoah.... And How, How can they say To Just let you go? You need to move on To allow you to be In the peace and comfort You long desire to have. Its Done, Its Over, You Are Gone, Your Never coming back.... Theres Nothing You Can Do What Is Done, Is Done It Was His Call, He Took You By The Hand And Guided you to that better place. -Music Break- Its Been Two Years Now Since The Day you Met Your Fate, Your Little boy is growing up and Your Husband Is still holding on. Theres A Faith There Within, And It Keeps him moving on Survivng in this world Lost Within Your Memory. Even Though it hurts him deep inside, cutting through him like a knife, He always smiles through the day, knowing your still there right beside him. But when he lays down to sleep He holds his pillow so tight Pretending Its you wrapped up in his arms of love. And when the night turns to day, He still holds that smile to his face. And What nobody can understand What makes him hold on so...And thats when I swear i can hear him say. -Chorus B- THey can say, Say Your Gone But here within my heart She will Always remain. And Sometimes its hard, late at night Knowing that i need to let her go. And though shes gone, Her Love grows on It lives within our hearts forever and always... I believe, Shes already found, her comfort and her peace Its what she needs to have for her to move on. What Is Done, Is already done There was nothing any of us could do. Her life is within gods hands now Resting softly in white full of peace... It is done but please always remember this.. Shes never honestly gone from our lives... She will always live on within our hearts Its Where she will always be. -Music Break-

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