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Silent Night, Deadly Night

By: Ian Dawn

Page 1, My take on a dark carol not for the christmas cheer people.

Silent night, deadly night!
All is death, All is right
Find a Virgin, then go wild
Bound and gagged to keep her mild,
Sleep in unholy peace,
Sleep in unholy peace.

Silent night, deadly night!
Bowles let loose at the sight!
Gore and blood flow from afar;
Demonic surfs sing  Al-le-lu-ia!
Bodies are broken and torn!
Bodies are broken and torn!

Silent night, deadly night!
Lucifers minions, destroy thy light!
Death and destruction we will bring,
Death to your King!
Christ the Saviour is dead,
Jesus the Saviour is dead!

Silent night, deadly night!
Son of God, dead by night
Banished forever from this unholy place,
You are forever seen as a disgrace,
Laugh at Jesus with mirth;
Laugh at Jesus with mirth.

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