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Have no Fear

By: Juli Monat

Page 1, Fear to express myself.

Have no Fear


Have no fear the writer is here, we’ll travel

The world

Where people are noble and you can

Read my novel, bled my sword


Have no fear my darling is here

Mercy on me

I’m weak and soft fill my cloth

With coffee and broth

Bars and stars drunk we both


Have no fear I read my book

Now is clear

You and I never shy to cry out

Loud, rain and cloud

No wonder I’m so proud to be

Your spouse


Have no fear you, sour beer with my

Glass so near

Wetting these pants, scratching

Damn ants

From space and time, lack of wine

Have no fear these are only

My tears, drops from my beer.


Copyright © 2012


By: Monat



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