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Kong's Song

By: Juli Monat

Page 1, A song for my favorite Monster, \"King Kong\".

Kong's Song

I went to Hong Kong


For the Vietcong, bong, bong

I found nothing, but a diphtong?

This prong-song, plain-fun

Bong, gong, tang, yang

Ding, dong

Kong, you, son of a gun

How I hate

Your end-long-song, so long

All year sung

Kong, your sound is none

To my back-bone

Is only moan,grone, skunk


You smell like a grave-stone

Mr. Kong, can you play

The trombone?

Well, I never been in Tombstone

Bang, dong

So sing along your song

You can't do the ping-pong

Mr. Kong

Well done, you're gone

So long, "King Kong".


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