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Mi Casa Es Su Casa

By: Juli Monat

Page 1, The irony of construction workers. After the job is done they are not welcome to come inside to those fancy skycrappers.

Mi Casa es su Casa


Home sweet Home, they like

To say

I wonder if this is true,

Workers in blue


Joe Smith is so happy, like

A good pappy

The job is done, just

Like to used condom


The big sky scrapper, magnificent


I’m one with the thunder


Now, Joe smith, can’t go


I sweat my forehead, for

My piece of bread


You have no tie, bye-bye

Joe Smith,

Hey man, I worked on this sky

Scrapper, with my

Very own hands, every

Grain of sand


Joe Smith, the worker, me,

The New Yorker

An irony, phony, stony,

I can’t step into

This plaza,

Mi casa es su casa?


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