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No Piedra No Brick

By: Juli Monat

Page 1, We are made of \"flesh,bone\",no sugar,no sun.

No Piedra No Brick



I’m flesh and bone not made

Of stone

Like my damn song to be sung


Silly sound master clown

No wonder

My feelings went over yonder

Que pasa? Mr. Hombre

Is it too somber?


No piedra, no brick, no lick

My heart beat

As you go deep, beep,

I feel the heat, I’m sea sick


I’m flesh and bone, vagrant bum

Made of granite stone

Geometrically built like the “Sun Dome”


Brick and piedra, sierra maestra

I can’t hide or cry, beehive

My life is just a trick, a hammer

And a brick.


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By: Juli Monat







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