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Puppet's Poet

By: Juli Monat

Page 1, Every puppet wants to rule?

Puppet’s Poet

Singing without sing, waves without

A sea, words that

Never ends, I yell, I’m

The poet, master of the puppets

Ms. Piggy and the Muppets


I’m just following my instinct

To look sane and insane,

Dangerous extinct

My institution, is the second

Part of my intuition,

Common tuition


Leading my way to heal, to

Clarify, looking for

The right bright, metaphor a,

Is like searching

For Zephora


I ask for much, but I give so


I see Midas King, no, I can’t

Touch him,

I have no reason to fornicate,

Can’t communicate,

With those more fortunate


My plan to be what I’m ready


Went down through the

Untouchable dam,

I thought it was a swamp


At the end my friends I found

Myself where I’m

Not chose to be, dreaming

My dreams and

The bees.


Copyright © 2006



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