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The Crops Circle Makers

By: Juli Monat

Page 1, Mistery from the \"outer space\".

The Crops Circle Maker


Now I know who they are,

Now I know,

What they are


They didn’t come driving

In cars,

But from the stars


They live beneath us I’m

Pretty sure of,

Like a preacher they’ve

Come to be

Our teachers, wise and

Richer, said,

The screecher


We must learn from them,

About the crops

Circle, to meet an end,

Learning the



They are teaching us how

To be systematic

And mathematics, don’t

Go lunatic,

Running automatic or

So dramatic


And in this story, who

Are they?

Well don’t be afraid, but

Be aware


They are little people making

Hay, builders

From the graves, travelers

From the Milky Way.


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