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Songbird (Lyrics)

By: Mistress of Word Play

Page 1, There is within the darkness a solemn grace. The night bird\'s song does trail and trace......

There is within the darkness a solemn grace.
The night bird's song does trail and trace,
across the hearts of those who cry,
those heart broken souls like you and I.
She cries for those things which are gone.
How I love to listen to her sad sweet song.

There is within the night a song of longing,
a melody echoing of once belonging.
Each chord, each note evokes a feeling,
progressing on and finally revealing,
all those things we long to know,
of dreams that might one day grow.

There is within the night all dreams, all things,
a lonely chorus which the night bird sings.
Sadly and sweetly she calls the whole night through.
Echoing across the plain, the grass topped with dew.
She cries for all the love we never knew.
She cries her song for me and you.

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