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By: moonphish

Page 1, garage band song


i've been in trouble since the day i was born
"you keep your nose clean", i was often times warned
instead i blew it and the judge did decree
"we're shipping you right out of this galaxy"
stuck on a spaceship with some other bad eggs
they tied our hands up and put chains on our legs
we watched the world we knew grow farther behind
our destination was on everyone's mind
the captain came on in and gave us a smile
he said we would be landing in a short while
and then he also said for what it was worth
the planet we were bound for was called the earth
oh no
i don't like this planet
oh no
i don't like this planet
the spaceship landed and they opened the door
we went outside and we were ragged and sore
they went and left us with a hearty goodbye
i looked around then and i started to cry
it took some effort just to breathe the foul air
some nasty chemicals they're putting in there
the double gravity was really a drag
i had a headache from the cosmic jet lag
i take the drugs here but i don't get the lift
i learn the language but i don't get the drift
i have six continents on which i can roam
i guess its true that there is no place like home
oh no
i don't like this planet
oh no
i don't like this planet
i hit the city and i landed a job
i pulled a lever and i twisted a knob
way over qualified for what i must do
i feel so sorry for the human IQ
i soon lost touch with all the people that came
i really hate this but there's no one to blame
wish i could go back home to where i had been
i swear i'd be the perfect citizen
then one day things all changed, i met an earth girl
just being close to to her, it made my toes curl
we started dating and i made her my wife
and i will live with her the rest of my life
oh yeah
i kinda dig this planet
oh yeah
i kinda dig this planet
now i know 
why they call it mother earth
now i know
why they call it mother earth


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