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We Are The Single Women.

By: Poetlife

Page 1, This song, needs music written to it, it\'s part of an un-performed play I wrote on the subject.Needs to be work-shopped more, so I can see, hear the characters come to life.edit it if needed. it\'s about 4 women of different ages, and back-grounds/lives, who all have one thing in common. that is now being single. (I hear the music in my head the tune of Games people play,when writing /reading it.) I can\'t write music so am looking for some talented person to write music to it one day? If that\'s you, please contact me if you like?

We Are The Single Women.

(c) 1998. By Poetlife.

(Song needs music written-- from play I wrote on the subject.)

We are the single women




We have grown stronger,

Because of life's reality.

We are many in variety,

We are a growing majority.

We are independent


Some society's,

Superficial superiority.

We are contributors to society,

In positivity.

We are not a social

Society liability.

Sheilds of strength

We carry constantly,

Against some of society's


We are the single women



We are still a part


Human society.

We are not a speciality,

We are a specimen



Not alienbility,


Another planetary.

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