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More To What's Happening

By: ShaunaLeigh

Page 1, You\'re risking everything helping someone out because of their lies and secrets. You don\'t know anything of these secrets but you still help anyway. You just don\'t know why...


Was it the whispers?

That gave it away

Was it the guilt?

That was etched on my face

Was it the lies that flew about?

Leaving traces of anger and doubt

It was in my eyes


Did you think that I wouldn’t care?

One bit

Did you think that I’d just ignore it?

Were you so sure I wouldn’t care?

Or hoping I’d forget about

The entire affair

Well it goes to show

There’s no such thing as luck

Only careful planning

Stops you screwing up

I should’ve thought it through

I’ve hurt others in my attempt

To protect you


You expected me to go along with it

To help you out

Nothing in return

I owe you nothing sweet boy

I’m asking myself

Do I care enough?

Well you got what you wanted

Why are you looking like that?

I did what you asked

Despite the consequence

You should be more grateful

I risked it all


There’s more to the story

Than what you have told me

But I’ve done my part

Now I’m leaving

I put it all on the line

For you and your string of lies

I’m cutting the thread

Because I see the tide



It’s hanging on your tongue

I know what you need to say

But the secrets not yours to tell

Who else have I saved?

Well they can at least say thank you.

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