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My Beautiful Face

By: ShaunaLeigh

Page 1, Katie Piper was a beautiful young girl whose life revolved around her looks. She was a television presenter, modelled and dreamed of a life in the media. But her boyfriend Danny Lynch changed all of that, when he got Stefan Sylvestre to hurl acid into Katie\'s face. This is a true story and I admire Katie Piper so much for her bravery throughout her surgery. She finally waived her right to anonymity and that was such a corageous thing to do. Her story is a very inpiring one. I wrote this song after watching her documentary, My Beautiful Face on Channel 4. It made me cry and I had to write a song dedicated to Katie, who is still beautiful in every way.

I’m sorry it’s so distressing
I’m just being honest
Telling you how I feel
Like there’s no point in waking up
There’s nothing I can do
Can’t put on my make up
Go out with the girls
No more beauty pageants
No more going outside
Now I’ve lost my beautiful face
It’s all fallen to pieces
The life I built myself
Relying on my looks
A dazzling smile
Now it’s trapped behind
What I cannot get rid of
Nothing I wouldn’t do
All that I wanted to do
Lost along with everything else
But I’ll keep standing tall
I’m going to get through this
Going to find my place
For myself and not what was
My beautiful face
It doesn’t belong to me
You left your mark
Now it’s all I can see
I can’t avoid what’s always with me
Wish I’d never been with you
And what caused all of this?
And what caused all my pain?
Why do people know my name?
And think of me as hero
That girl Katie
Doesn’t feel like it’s me
It’s like she is a best friend I once had
Everything revolved around it
And now it’s been destroyed
I’m afraid to show what was
My face
And afraid to answer the door
Be strong
Be brave
Don’t hide your face
Have hope
Have faith
Don’t hide your face
Justice for the family
Justice for what was done to me
Now I know they’re locked away
It’s my escape
I realise my life was superficial
And I’m so grateful
Yes I have been scarred for life
But I have my new beautiful face
Be strong
Be brave
My beautiful face
Have hope
Have faith
My beautiful face
It’s fine
It’s great
My beautiful face
You’re still beautiful in every way.

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