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So-Called Friend

Poetry By: ShaunaLeigh
Song lyrics

Put it as PG just because of one itsy bitsy offensive word. Nothing major...
So my best friend has been bugging me. She's so critical of everything I do. She knows how I am, I'm the funny girl you know? Everyone has one in their group, the one who rolls her eyes, comes up with witty one liners, everyone knows her, she's fun, she's outrageous and a bitch but that's part of her charm. Everyone knows how I am especially her. She has a friend that I don't like and I can say without embarrasment "*So-and-so* I don't give a crap, I don't like you" in front of people. I'm shallow I admit it and I'm not vain but when people mess up my hair I just wanna kill them. I care about my appearance. I don't love myself I just wanna look nice. So I know how bad I can be but I'm also caring you know? I have a heart and she's forever saying stuff like who cares bout your hair but not in the sort of way I can go "I do!" at- she was seriously like glaring at me. And when I went "I don't fancy him any more, finding out his brains less than a third the size of mine was a bit of a put off" she was all like OMG and she knew I was joking. Everyone else laughed but she like attacked me (verbally.) It's like she doesn't know me anymore. I don't know what to do she isn't the best friend I once knew.

P.S. If anyone says I am self obsessed seriously when I go on about my hair and stuff it's mostly for attention- yeah I admit it see I'm honest about my faults. Anyway people call me vain but you know there are haters out there. I hate people, it's unavoidable and part of life. Sorry this is so long this just means a lot to me and I took a lot of time making sure I didn't make it so people think I'm really awful- I care about what people think, is that shallowness or is it called something else?

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I'm meant to be a friend
But sometimes I'm so caught up
Things are complicated right now
I'm sorry but I can't help what goes on
Back home
I snapped at you
But you just don't stop
Going on telling me I'm wrong
Yeah I'm being a bitch I'm so sorry
I thought you were my friend
You claim to be looking out for me
Well I don't have the time
For this silly nonsense
So what if I'm being a pain?
Some people deserve it
You could sympathise
Instead of saying you've got it worse
I'm fed of up arguing
My supposed friend
Did you really mean it?
When you said that was so mean
Well guess what I was joking
Would you get a sense of humour?
I don't care
That she's your friend
I can't stand her
She's such a loser
Do I have to pretend?
That everything's okay
I'm kind of getting along
With that two faced girl
The one who posted those comments
Oh how has it come to this
I guess that now I'm just like her
Just like my former enemy
I'm sorry how many times
Do I have to say it?
You could apologise you're just as bad
Don't you realise
That mine was a forced smile
So what if I'm shallow
Have you only just noticed?
I thought you knew that long ago
Are you only now catching up?
I complain a lot
But you know what
I always used to
Is it finally getting to you?
You can be so mean sometimes you know
So why don't you stop having a go
And look at yourself
Why do I always have to?
Believe your lies
How far are you willing to go?
Until you've proved you're right
Are you looking for perfection?
Didn't expect that from my best friend
Why don't you look in the other direction?
At the girl who I'm clear I can't stand
Is she really so much better than me?
Yeah I'm horrible, so shallow
You've already said
This is all I can be
And many still love me
They know this is how I am
Why can't you laugh along?
I've done you so many favours
Can't you do one for me?
I feel you're being ungrateful
But for once I cannot say
Why do I now care about someone's feeling?
Normally I'm the person who is first to say it
You're impossibly stubborn and getting on my nerves
You're driving me crazy
Denying when I offer
To go with you, and you act peeved the next day
If that's how you want it then okay
I'll be mad at you for all the times
You've let me down
I'm sure I can think of some
Why don't you go mother someone else?
For me just one is enough
Don't go on about how unkind I am to those I hate
That's the point in hating them
You don't care if they hate you back
So you can say what you want, without fear
I'm sorry I snapped
I'd just lost some sleep
You knew this but you still snapped back
Telling me you were more tired
Since when was this a competition?
You can shout and tell me I'm wrong
I'll stand there and look sad
Hoping you'll realise
You're hurting my feelings
No matter how many times
I claim I'm invincible
If you were really my best friend
You would see through it all.


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