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Trusted The Untrustworthy

By: ShaunaLeigh

Page 1, I suddenly felt as though I was worth nothing to a certain someone because no matter how many times I warned them they got caught up in something bad that could have easily been avoided if they had trusted me.

When things start to come together
They must always fall back apart
When people confide in one another
There’s always one traitor
The one with the heart of ice
They don’t care about the lives
That they might destroy
It’s never on their minds
The damage that’s behind them
What do they care?
It’s already been done
Don’t feel the need for apologies
You feel so safe
No need to be on your guard
Yeah they have that affect
It’s a certain charm
I’m begging you
Don’t trust these
Life wreckers
Lying monsters
It’s not real
What they’ve portrayed
What they’ve displayed
When things are too late
They really can’t be changed
When things seem alright
There’s always a problem however slight
You pour your heart out
They understand
No that’s not what happens
Believe me when I say it
Please believe me when I say it
Whatever they say
Think what they’ve got to gain
Before you believe them
And it all starts again
This cycle happens
It’s a circle of happenings
Repeatedly circling
Their plan is flawless
Since when is their judgement
Worth more than mine?
When have they had the time?
To get to know you better than I
You wouldn’t ask a stranger
Do I deserve to live or die?

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