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Love and Hate

By: Skye Bagshaw

Page 1, Domestic violence.


You go o- o- overboard
That's your trouble,
Your fuse is too short,
That's S-H-O-R-T,
Shorter when you're with me,
I feel so alone
And I can't control how you are
Or how far you go
He's not who I know,
I can't see his face,
He's falling, falling, losing grace,
But boy he's an angel in his heart,
He has the best intentions
But he's just so scarred
And maybe later he'll be alright
But I can't stand this
And we do is fight,
Well, I just hide away,
I'm here away from you,
Scared of what you'd do,
And if I'd fall and cry 
When you went close by,
And if I'd scream and shout
When you did what you do
I want to run away
To see good some day,
Be away from anger, away from hate,
Have some love and passion,
But it's too late
For me, we're just our own bubble,
Up and down, about to burst
But I can't lose you, my first,
You've found me, so you surround me,
You give me that look I know so well,
It says: "You're going to hell.
Well, you flirted. That's cheating. You deserve this pain."
And I close my eyes
Wait for it to come,
And as I wince and moan
I know I'm alone
I'm gonna run away
'Cause I can't take it,
I can't take hating who I love,
If it was ever love,
How can you do what you do
Then act all sorry or like it never happened?
How can I love you through it all?
Just need to escape from it all,
I can't take it,
How do I know you won't break anything I do

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