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Here's A Penny For Your Thoughts

By: Stormbird Throneshaker

Page 1, Poetry, Song Lyrics written 07/24/2012.

Don't take any wooden nickles

stack all your quarters in a row

And when it rains it only trickles

just in case you didn't know.

If I had only had a dollar

for every time I heard you say

Please, you don't have to holler

I would have a nice pay day.


Here's a penny for your thoughts

they ain't worth a gosh darn dime

You can take them and get lost

in line at the bank next time.

A candy bar and a coca cola

use to cost me fifty cents

Now don't you play me your viola

just toss me some breath mints.

If I had only had a skill

I'd work in wood or pottery

Do you have me in your will

for I'll never win a lottery.

(Repeat chorus)

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