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Listen To The Rubber Band

By: Stormbird Throneshaker

Page 1, Poem, Song Lyrics written 07/25/2012

Stretch them on a box that's handy

cut them to different lengths

Each ones got a different sound, that's dandy

gonna have you a guitar, me thinks.

Get some guys and gals to help you

shake them out of their bags

Attach them all or a little bit will do

gonna have you a band, me gags.


Listen to the Rubber Band, band

do they know just how to play

Pop and break the rubber bands, man

cause half of them just won't stay.

So we're a crazy group of wild kids

and this is our first band

Please give us credit on our first gigs

we're so poor we hope you understand.

No we're not the Beatles or the Stones

won't beat the Eagles or C.C.R.

You'll never call us on your phones

and we'll never play in a famous bar.

(Repeat chorus)

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